WATKINS GLEN, NY - AUGUST 15: Marcos Ambrose, driver of the #9 Stanley Ford, celebrates in Victory Lane after winning the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Heluva Good! Sour Cream Dips at the Glen at Watkins Glen International on August 15, 2011 in Watkins Glen, New York. (Photo by Jerry Markland/Getty Images for NASCAR)

NASCAR At Watkins Glen: Marcos Ambrose Wins First Sprint Cup Series Race In Wild Finish

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NASCAR Image Of The Week: Not All Australians Happy For Marcos Ambrose

You'd think all Australians would cheer Marcos Ambrose's first career NASCAR Sprint Cup Series victory at Watkins Glen today. But nooooo.

Thanks to @nascarcasm, you can see that one of Ambrose's fellow Aussies was not too pleased about the win.



NASCAR Point Standings Update: Tony Stewart, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Swap Spots After Watkins Glen

Kyle Busch and Carl Edwards left Watkins Glen on Monday tied atop the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series point standings – though Busch technically leads on a tiebreaker.

The Cup points lead isn't the biggest news these days though. It's all about the Chase and the wild card spot.

Tony Stewart slipped to 10th and Dale Earnhardt Jr. moved up to ninth in points – 36 points inside the Chase – which could cause Junior Nation to breathe a sigh of relief with four races until the Chase cutoff.

Denny Hamlin remained in the No. 2 Wild Card spot despite his scary wreck, thanks to similar misfortune for Paul Menard.

Here's a look at the updated NASCAR Sprint Cup Series standings after Watkins Glen:

  1. Kyle Busch
  2. Carl Edwards (tied with Busch in points, but loses out on a tiebreaker)
  3. Jimmie Johnson -6
  4. Kevin Harvick -14
  5. Matt Kenseth -28
  6. Kurt Busch -40
  7. Jeff Gordon -52
  8. Ryan Newman -66 (+52 inside Chase)
  9. Dale Earnhardt Jr. (+36 inside Chase)
  10. Tony Stewart (+25 inside Chase)
  11. Clint Bowyer (-25 from Chase)
  12. Denny Hamlin *WILD CARD NO. 2 ... One win...Leads Paul Menard by +27 points* (-33 to top 10)
  13. Greg Biffle (-49 from Chase)
  14. Brad Keselowski *WILD CARD NO. 1 ... Two wins*
  15. Paul Menard *Trails wild card by 27 points OR one win*
  16. AJ Allmendinger (-60 from Chase ... OR one win and 27 points from wild card)
  17. Joey Logano (-72 from Chase)
  18. Mark Martin (-73 from Chase)
  19. Kasey Kahne (-74 from Chase)
  20. Juan Pablo Montoya (-82 from Chase)
  21. Martin Truex Jr.
  22. Marcos Ambrose (needs another win, top-20 spot to make Chase)
  23. David Ragan (needs another win, top-20 spot to make Chase)
  24. Jeff Burton
  25. Regan Smith (needs another win, top-20 spot to make Chase)
  26. David Reutimann
  27. Jamie McMurray
  28. Brian Vickers
  29. Bobby Labonte
  30. David Gilliland


Boris Said Calls Greg Biffle 'Unprofessional Little Scaredy Cat' After NASCAR Watkins Glen Race

Boris Said was the driver who triggered a terrifying crash involving David Ragan and David Reutimann on the last lap of Monday's NASCAR race at Watkins Glen, but that wasn't what he most wanted to talk about afterward.

Said was more concerned with Roush Fenway Racing's Greg Biffle. Here's what he told ESPN's Ryan McGee after the race:

I'm more upset with Greg Biffle. He's the most unprofessional little scaredy cat I've ever seen in my life. He won't even fight me like a man.

If someone texts me his address, I'll go see him Wednesday at his house and show him what he really needs. He needs a friggin' whooping, and I'm going to give it to him.

He was flipping me off, giving me the finger, totally unprofessional. Two laps down, I mean, he's a chump.

I went over there to go talk to him, and he wouldn't even let me get out of the car. Throws a few little baby punches and then he runs away and hides behind some big guys.

But he won't hide from me for long. I'll find him. I won't settle it out on the track – it's not right to wreck cars – but he'll show up with a black eye one of these days. I'll see him somewhere.

Said finished 22nd and Biffle finished 31st. You can see the full Watkins Glen race results here.


NASCAR Watkins Glen Race Results: Marcos Ambrose Wins As Huge Crash Mars Finish

After a long wait and several heartbreaking setbacks, Marcos Ambrose is finally a NASCAR Sprint Cup Series winner.

Ambrose, the Australian regarded as NASCAR's top road racing talent, won Monday's delayed race at Watkins Glen, passing Brad Keselowski on the penultimate lap and dashing to the checkered flag as chaos ensued behind him.

Kyle Busch had the lead on a restart, but made a mistake and got too wide into the first corner. That allowed Keselowski to get by, and Ambrose then caught Keselowski.

When Ambrose reached Keselowski's rear bumper, Ambrose nudged him out of the way and went on to take the lead.

On the final lap, Boris Said got into the side of David Ragan, who hit a barrier at a bad angle and ricocheted back onto the track. He then hit David Reutimann, who got airborne and smashed the wall in a terrifying incident.

You can see that below (fast forwarded to the 4:15 mark):

The finish was shaping up to be a two-man duel between Busch and Ambrose, but Paul Menard suddenly blew a tire and hit the wall with five laps to go.

Suddenly, that set the stage for a green-white-checkered restart with the entire field bunched together.

It wasn't just Menard who had a problem with overheating brakes – and thus blown tires.

Kurt Busch nailed the wall and ended his day early, and Denny Hamlin followed with an even scarier head-on collision with the tire barrier when his brakes failed following a blown tire.

Here are the NASCAR Watkins Glen results from today:

  1. Marcos Ambrose
  2. Brad Keselowski
  3. Kyle Busch
  4. Martin Truex Jr.
  5. Joey Logano
  6. Kevin Harvick
  7. Juan Pablo Montoya
  8. AJ Allmendinger
  9. Jeff Burton
  10. Jimmie Johnson
  11. Clint Bowyer
  12. Carl Edwards
  13. Jeff Gordon
  14. Matt Kenseth
  15. Dale Earnhardt Jr.
  16. Ryan Newman
  17. Jamie McMurray
  18. Brian Vickers
  19. Bobby Labonte
  20. Casey Mears
  21. Andy Lally
  22. Boris Said
  23. Regan Smith
  24. Robby Gordon
  25. Mark Martin
  26. Kasey Kahne
  27. Tony Stewart
  28. David Ragan
  29. David Reutimann
  30. Ron Fellows
  31. Greg Biffle
  32. Paul Menard
  33. David Gilliland
  34. Terry Labonte
  35. Andrew Ranger
  36. Denny Hamlin
  37. T.J. Bell
  38. Kurt Busch
  39. Scott Speed
  40. Joe Nemechek
  41. Michael McDowell
  42. JJ Yeley
  43. Mike Skinner

Watkins Glen NASCAR Race Postponed By Rain; Start Time Moved To Monday Morning

The only NASCAR winner at Watkins Glen today was Mother Nature.

Persistent rain postponed Sunday's Sprint Cup Series race and washed out officials' valiant efforts to try and dry the track to get the event underway. Unfortunately, it never happened.

Cars remained covered up on pit road throughout the day as the drops fell relentlessly, and NASCAR ultimately called the race at 4:30 Eastern time. The Watkins Glen event was the first Sprint Cup Series rainout in more than a year (April 2010 at Texas), but the second time the Glen race has been moved by rain in the past three seasons.

Unfortunately, the weather doesn't look all that great for Monday, either. Here's the unofficial NASCAR weatherman's forecast as of 4:45 p.m. Sunday.

Here's what you need to know for Monday's NASCAR race:

• Start time: 10 a.m. Eastern

• TV: ESPN ... Radio: MRN (may not be on all affiliates)

• Weather: Scattered showers with periods of dryness


NASCAR: Kurt Busch Responds To Jimmie Johnson Comments At Watkins Glen

Kurt Busch took his turn at the Watkins Glen media center podium on Saturday morning and had a chance to respond to Jimmie Johnson's harsh comments about Busch on Friday.

The back-and-forth between the drivers was more fallout from an incident at Pocono between Busch and Johnson. Busch defended his on-track actions and said he was "putting the 'r' (as in 'rubbing') back in racing." 

Here are Busch's comments:

Any response to what Jimmie Johnson said on Friday?

When you said Jimmie was in here, I didn't know if you meant Spencer or Johnson (smiles). It's one of those emotions points that boils over, and I felt like the way we raced each other on the track is what champions need to do. And that is to bring the cars home where they were running on track – third and fourth is where we were, and that's where we crossed the line at the start/finish line.

Where we raced each other with a juke and a jive and rubbing, that's racing. I was caught up in it this week, just following it. I talked to my dad about things, and my dad was like, 'Well, that's rubbin'. That's racin', son. That's how it works.'

He's the one that taught me a lot about racing and everything I've done in racing is to try to make him proud, and he's like, 'Rubbin' is racin'.'

I'm putting the 'r' back in 'racing.' Rubbing is racing.

How do you define the line for 'rubbing is racing' with Johnson?

For me, I think the line was when he swerved at us. I guess yesterday he said he was trying to break the draft. That's not a move of a five-time champion, that's the move of a guy that has had an issue with a guy like me.

We've raced each other hard, and I've been spun out and wrecked a few times. And we both know we look at each other very sternly. And that's great competition.

So that blends into 'rubbing is racing.' When you have a history with a guy, you don't just forget about it. I learned from one of the greats on how to keep a memory of who does you right and who does you wrong, and that was Jimmy Spencer. He taught me a lot.

What are your reactions to the way Johnson called you out?

That's great. It means I'm in his head, and if I'm in his head, then he's got to worry about us running through this Chase.

I've been through enough issues in my past to know where I need to be.

More on Johnson's reaction:

He was real amped up, and he felt like I did him wrong. To me, the response from people this week and our different race fans, they're like, 'That was exciting. That's what we want to see. That's the intensity and the passion our sport is built off of.'

This is a bunch of guys racing stock cars in the southeast. This isn't open-wheel racing where we're supposed to pass each other clean and be out front and leading by 10 seconds.


Jimmie Johnson Goes On Anti-Kurt Busch Rant At Watkins Glen

You know the rivalry between Jimmie Johnson and Kurt Busch? Well, it's far from over.

Check out what Johnson had to say on Friday at Watkins Glen following his incident with Busch at Pocono last week.

On why Johnson was mad at Pocono:

There's two parts to this thing: First part is on the track, second part is on pit road.

The on-the-track part, we come off Turn 1 and Kurt gets to me to side-draft me. I try to break the side draft and from there, he felt it was necessary to run into the side of my car and tear my car up. So yeah, I was mad at that point. And that brings me to the other part, which was on pit road.

I'm not sure if any (of you) have had words with someone before, but when you're in that moment and you're having words with someone and as the crowd starts to build around, that guy all of the sudden gets brave and when you think it's over and you walk away and that guy gets real tough? I don't know about you, but that really makes me mad.

Bottom line, he just started running his mouth. If you look at over the years and what his mouth has done for him: It got my biggest fan, Jimmy Spencer, to punch him in the face; it's led to issues with the NASCAR officials on pit road; I think we all tune in weekly and wonder what he's going to say to his crew guys; you look at what he said to Roger Penske, his car owner (on the team radio).

So that aspect is the part that really got me mad. And at the end of the day, I'm not going to let him run his mouth at me. It's just kind of how it is.

On how Johnson plans to keep Busch rivalry from interfering with Chase:

There's no secret that there's no love lost between the two of us. We can do it; we have done it. We didn't have wrecked race cars at the end of Pocono. I could have easily gone down into the "Tunnel Turn" and done something stupid, but I didn't.

So there's lines that you cross. The stuff on track made me mad, but to have somebody run their mouth like he does and did to me – if you look back at the timeline to when I was the maddest, that's when I was mad.

Will Johnson take out Busch in the Nationwide race at Watkins Glen?

My first option is not to tear up race cars. I have too much respect for the guys working on my race cars and too much respect for Roger Penske and his organization to take it out there. That's not my goal, that's not my objective.

I made zero contact with Kurt at Pocono. Once he hit me, then I leaned on him back. When I went to break the draft, I never touched him. Then he instigated the contact. That's not my goal.

Are we seeing a new Jimmie Johnson? You got really, really angry.

No, that's not the case. We know there's been plenty of history over the years and there's just things that just boil to a head.

When I hopped out the car and started talking to him, he had one level of interaction with me when he's sitting in his race car. When he got out of the car, neither one of us were happy, but we were talking.

Then the crowd started to build and his bravery started to build. I walk away, and he got awfully tough. That part frustrates me, and that's where you saw me engage like I did. If you're going to say something, say it to the man's face eye-to-eye when he's there, not when he walks away.


Juan Pablo Montoya Looking To Turn Season Around At Watkins Glen

Any time the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series heads to the road course at Watkins Glen, Juan Pablo Montoya is mentioned among the favorites. Yet the defending race winner enters this weekend in a must-win situation if the No. 42 team has any hopes at making a run for the Chase for the Sprint Cup.

After a strong start to the season, Montoya has scored only two top-10 finishes in the last 15 races, falling from as high as third in the standings at one point in the season all the way to 21st with only five races left before the 12-driver Chase field is set.

When opportunities to score solid finishes and potential wins at Infineon and Indianapolis produced disappointing results – 22nd at Sonoma and 28th at Indy – Montoya's chances for a Chase berth began to narrow.

Admitting the last three weeks have been "rough weeks" for the team, Montoya knows the organization has a lot of room for improvement, but is focused on scoring the win.

"Overall, we have cars that will run in the top-five, top-10 and we end up with 30-something-place finishes," he said. "We went from 13th in points three weeks ago to 21st, so that kind of sucks."

With three straight finishes of sixth or better at Watkins Glen, including last year's win, Montoya said this weekend has the potential to turn things around for the team that has battled inconsistency and struggles throughout the season.

Last week the team had a number of meetings at the shop in which Montoya said there were "good ideas and good planning" for the coming weeks.

Among some of the more unexpected planning that came up this week was the surprise news that two EGR crew members were arrested in a marijuana bust. Heading to one of the team's best tracks at one of the most crucial times of the season, Montoya said he and the crew have tried to look past the news and remain focused on this weekend's race.

"It's something the team had to deal with and NASCAR had to deal with and we left it at that," he said. "We made some changes on our crews and that's it. We get on with our business and try to win here and that's it."


Marcos Ambrose To Miss Watkins Glen NASCAR Nationwide Race Despite Three Straight Wins

Marcos Ambrose has three straight NASCAR Nationwide Series victories at Watkins Glen and would figure to be the heavy favorite for Saturday's race.

But there's one problem: Ambrose won't be there. Instead, he plans go fishing – far away from the track – and pretend the race isn't happening.

Ambrose was unable to put a deal together with Richard Petty Motorsports to run the race, and though he had opportunities to drive another car, he said he wanted to do it the "right way" and stick with his team.

Unfortunately for Ambrose, it didn't happen.

"I don't really want to be here on Saturday to watch someone else win my race," he said. "I'm very disappointed I didn't get a chance to do it. I think it's a combination of the economy and just bad timing. I had opportunities to do it and we worked hard with RPM to put a team together and put sponsorship together, and it just didn't work out."

Ambrose is using the Sprint Cup race to console himself. He has yet to win his first career Cup race, and said "at the end of the day, the Cup race is what really pays and keeps us all going."

Certainly, Ambrose is the favorite for Sunday's race (he has three top-three finishes at the Glen in three Cup starts). But he would have been the favorite on Saturday, too.

"We'll try to forget about watching the Nationwide race," he said. "Whoever wins, I congratulate them. But I want to be a long way from the track. It's a race I wanted to do and certainly had another chance to win."

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