Bristol Driver Introductions: Who Got The Most Cheers And Boos?

As you've probably heard, driver introductions at Bristol Motor Speedway are unique. Each driver chooses a song to be played as they walk out, and then the driver gets on the microphone to greet the fans.

The result is some unusual names in the top 10 of the Gluckometer this week. Brad Keselowski, AJ Allmendinger and Joey Logano all made the top 10 after their comments to the fans sparked a reaction (you can see why below).

Dale Earnhardt Jr. won the night and proved once again that cheers are louder than boos despite what it sounds like in person.

Without my decibel meter, I would have been sure the negative reaction for Kyle Busch was the loudest of the night. But loud boos actually don't measure as many decibels as loud cheers – a pattern consistent with what I've seen before.

Anyway, the funniest moment of the pre-race festivities was when Busch and Earnhardt Jr. were introduced back-to-back (to very different reactions) but were then both driven around the track in the same pickup truck.

One note: Tony Stewart didn't make the top 10 because he was too early in the lineup and the crowd wasn't warmed up yet. Despite telling fans that "I don't plan to be back here for long," his reaction measured just 82.3 decibels.

Here's the top 10 from Bristol:

Driver        dB Type of Noise Comment to fans
1 Dale Earnhardt Jr. 90.5 Cheers "Have a good night."
2 Brad Keselowski 88.8 Cheers Brought Iraq war veteran out w/him
3 Mark Martin 88.7 Cheers "Let's get it on tonight!"
4 Kyle Busch 88.1 Boos "Here to take another one."
5 Jeff Gordon 87.9 Mostly cheers Still has some old-school haters
6 Carl Edwards 87.3 Mostly cheers "Thank you guys for being out here."
7 Jimmie Johnson 86.6 Boos Not much love for five-time
8 AJ Allmendinger 85.9 Cheers "WHAT'S UP, BRISTOOOOOL?"
9 Ryan Newman 85.6 Cheers Pole-sitter
10 Joey Logano 85.4 Cheers "(The race) is going to be better than last night's!"
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