Richmond: Snooki Fails To Crack Top 10 In NASCAR Driver Introductions

All eyes were on Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi during Saturday's pre-race driver introductions at Richmond International Raceway. After all, how could they not be?

The Jersey Shore star showed up wearing a most unusual outfit – which was apparently meant to accentuate her cleavage – and sported checkered flag boots.

Anyway, when Snooki was introduced to the crowd as a co-honorary starter (she eventually passed the flag-waving duties), NASCAR fans reacted with a mixture of cheers and an odd sound that can only be described as "upset confusion."

It was the sound someone makes when they're given an unpleasant surprise and they don't know what they did to deserve it. Like: Whaaaaaat???

Snooki's noise out-rated many of the drivers on the Gluckometer (she got 84.5 decibels, which was even more than Kasey Kahne's 84.3). But it wasn't quite enough to crack the top 10.

Here are the drivers who did:

Driver        dB Type of Noise Explanation
1 Kyle Busch 90.4 Boos They love the points leader
2 Dale Earnhardt Jr. 89.9 Cheers Not enough to out-rank Kyle
3 Jeff Gordon 88.2 Mostly cheers Some boo-birds could be heard
4 Denny Hamlin 88.0 Cheers Hometown driver
5 Tony Stewart 87.1 Cheers He can do no wrong in fans' eyes
6 Mark Martin 86.5 Cheers Still supportive in down year
7 Jimmie Johnson 86.3 Boos Fans not thrilled at six-pack attempt
8 Kevin Harvick 85.7 Mixed A few more boos than usual
T9 Carl Edwards 85.1 Cheers No controversy lately
T9 R. Lee Ermey 85.1 Cheers Drill sergeant from "Full Metal Jacket" was a hit

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