Chicagoland Speedway NASCAR Race Day Weather Forecast: Mother Nature Not Being Kind To NASCAR

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All those odds I typed up this morning? THROW THEM OUT – they were wrong. It appears the National Weather Service scenario I mentioned this morning was the correct one. The reason I didn't go with that scenario was I really thought it was overdone and more than likely I let the fan in me interfere with the meteorologist.

I am guilty of what we call in the business "wish-casting."


Radar for this week's NASCAR Race... 

Rain arrived this morning and as I look at the radar, it continues to move into northeast Illinois. Estimated time to dry is 60-90 minutes. Light rain and drizzle continues to stream into northeastern Illinois, it is very light and seems to break up some as it gets closer to the track. There may be a long enough window if a lot of the precipitation on radar continues to break up.

Unfortunately there is no guarantee of that. 

To the west, behind this initial area of light rain and drizzle, is a line of showers and a few storms through north central Missouri. This looks like the next area they would have to deal with later this evening if they are able to get a window.

I am not going to call this race a wash, all though it doesn't look good. I feel there is a chance (at best around 30 percent) they could get the race started and if the window is long enough get it complete, but no promises here.

2:00 p.m EDT
Sprint Cup Race – Off and on light rain and drizzle, cloudy and cool – temp: 65

11:00 a.m EDT
Sprint Cup Race – Cloudy, lingering showers – temp: 68
12:00 p.m EDT
Sprint Cup Race – Mostly cloudy – temp: 69
1:00 p.m EDT
Sprint Cup Race – Mostly cloudy – temp: 71

I will continue to monitor the radar and weather data. As soon as I see anything I will let you know. Please follow me on Twitter @NASCAR_WXMAN for the latest Weather updates during the race. Or visit my main NASCAR WX-MAN site.

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