Report: Kyle Busch comments draw ire of Toyota Racing Development president

US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Kyle Busch's angry radio outburst toward Toyota Racing Development at the end of Sunday's Dover race caught the attention of TRD president Lee White – and not in a good way.

White told The Charlotte Observer's Jim Utter on Wednesday he was upset by Busch's comments, which came after Busch lost the Dover race by having to make an extra pit stop.

Though TRD is used to Busch being negative at times, White told the newspaper Busch's Dover remarks were a "special case."

"We're extremely disappointed in his negative comments and the tone of the comments after the event," White said. "It is under discussion as we move forward. We certainly are very disappointed; having said that, Kyle is an amazing talent in a race car and he takes it very personally when something goes wrong and he loses a race he thinks he should have won."

After Busch crossed the finish line on Sunday, he radioed to his team and expressed his displeasure with how the race unfolded.

"Thank you, TRD," he said sarcastically. "Fucked us out of another one. Piece of shit, mother fuckers."

Busch was angry because he apparently felt TRD motors did not get the same fuel mileage as the Dodge engine of race winner Brad Keselowski and the Chevrolet of Jimmie Johnson. Denny Hamlin, Busch's Joe Gibbs Racing teammate, was also among the drivers who had to pit when Keselowski and Johnson did not.

White said everyone at TRD shared Busch's frustration with how the circumstances of the race unfolded, but said the manufacturer had "nothing to apologize for."

"The thing I am most disappointed in is TRD is not some separate entity – we are Toyota," White said. "We are a global company. Every person globally shares in our passion for winning and competing – and that's hundreds of thousands of people. All those people and their families basically had their feelings hurt by those comments last week.

"I look forward to take it up with coach (Joe) Gibbs and see if we can't do something to sort it out so that we have a better working relationship in the future. I am confident that we will."

You can read Utter's full story on White's comments here.

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