Top five moments from NASCAR After the Lap in Las Vegas

The "NASCAR After The Lap" show – 90 minutes of a tell-all conversation with the top 12 NASCAR drivers in Las Vegas – was funny again this year (although perhaps a little tamer than last year, when Jeff Gordon decided to break-dance).

Here are five of the best moments, if you missed it:

5. The craziest place drivers have been asked to sign an autograph

Host Jamie Little asked the drivers about the wildest body parts they've been asked to autograph.

Kevin Harvick said one fan took off a prosthetic leg to be signed; Dale Earnhardt Jr. simply said, "Boobies" into the microphone in a low voice.

On that note, Tony Stewart said one fan pulled out a breast that was so saggy, it "went to the floor."

"You went to the floor?" Little asked.

"If I wanted to sign it!" Stewart responded.

4. Drivers tease Brad Keselowski about being a lightweight

As the show started, new champion Brad Keselowski revealed his philosophy: "The more drinking we do, the more fun you have," he told the crowd.

And apparently, a lot of drinking had already occurred.

Stewart and Jimmie Johnson put peer pressure on Keselowski backstage and told him it was "tradition" to do shots of tequila before After The Lap began. So Keselowski went along with it, and he was in a happy place by the time he arrived on stage.

Other drivers teased him, with Denny Hamlin trying to convince him to shotgun a Miller Lite and Clint Bowyer saying Keselowski needed to start drinking water.

Then Keselowski's weak bladder became a topic. Drivers marveled at how often Keselowski had to pee.

"As much as he pees, it's a good thing he drinks lite beer," Harvick said.

Bowyer even tweeted a picture of Keselowski peeing in a tent before the "Victory Lap" down the Vegas Strip, but Keselowski defended himself by saying he pissed into a bottle.

"Who pees in the corner?" Bowyer chided.

3. Denny Hamlin does the 'Dougie'

2. Denny Hamlin calls out Brad Keselowski and Kristine Curley

Kristine Curley is going to kick Hamlin's butt.

Curley, the longtime public relations representative for Johnson, was thrust into the spotlight during After the Lap when Hamlin suggested she was dating Keselowski (she's not). Keselowski was jokingly trying to get Curley to come to the banquet as his date, but she had refused – and it became a running gag.

Anyway, the conversation escalated into a charity bet: If Curley came on stage to slow-dance with Keselowski, Stewart said he'd pay $5,000 to Victory Junction.

Stewart and Hamlin got Curley to come out, but she hastily left when she was told she had to dance with Keselowski. Stewart and Johnson agreed to pay the charity bet anyway – $20,000 by the time all was said and done.

1. NASCAR Gangnam Style video

The following video debuted at the end of the show:

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