2012 Indy 500: I Heard There Was No Bumping On Bump Day

Yesterday was the second day of qualifications at the Indy 500, typically called "Bump Day" because of the tradition that the slowest qualifier could get "bumped" from the field of 33 by people who post faster times. However, this year, there were only 33 entrants, so instead of fearing getting bumped, all they had to worry about was completing a successful run. And for the first time since 2004, there was no bumping on bump day.

Lots of people who had to write about the Indy 500 Bump Day, um, noticed this.

What's Bump Day at Indianapolis like when there is no bumping? The perfect time for hours and hours of ordinary race practice. - Geoffrey Miller, Yahoo! Sports

A lot of people just discussed how boring the race was, but here's a summary of people who just went with the "no bumping on bump day" trope.

Bumpless Bump Day at Indianapolis as field of 33 set for Indy 500 - Autoweek

This here is my personal favorite:

Bump Day? Try Sigh of Relief Day. - Jeff Olson, USA Today

"Sigh of Relief Day". Not as catchy.

It was definitely a record-setting day for the word "bumpless".

Carpenter Fills Out Field On Bumpless Day: There was no bumping on Bump Day at Indianapolis Motor Speedway... - Jim Pedley, Racin' Today

No bumping at Indy, but a few slowpokes make the Indianapolis 500 field - Cleveland Plain Dealer

Yeah, the word "slowpoke" is not one you want associated with auto racing.

An interesting tactic here with the "hey, you should watch something more interesting" approach:

The only suspense on Bump Day is six miles east at Bankers Life Fieldhouse for Game 4 of the Pacers-Heat Eastern Conference Semifinals. - Michael Glenesk, IndyStar.com

I tried this one when I had to write about a Northwestern-MIchigan State volleyball game the same day as a Northwestern-Michigan State football game in my first ever article for my college paper. My editor was like "okay, nice to meet you, also, never do this ever again".

Wow, all these guys are awful at writing.

There was no bumping on Bump Day but, regardless, the field and order are set for next week's Indy 500. - Me, SB Nation


I joke, but you can't blame any of these guys. This is an event that could be enjoyable, but all the suspense whatsoever got sucked out of it, which was a bummer for whoever had to write about it. Next week will be exciting - you know, the Indy 500 - but this wasn't.

For more updates on the Indy 500, stay tuned to this StoryStream. For more on Indy racing including the 2012 Indianapolis 500, please visit Pop Off Valve.

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