NASCAR Talladega Results: A Six-Pack Of Brad Keselowski Quotes

Though he's always a good quote, Brad Keselowski was particularly eloquent after his victory in Sunday's NASCAR race at Talladega Superspeedway (you can see the race results here).

In honor of his second win of the year – and in homage to his sponsor – here is a six-pack of his best quotes and observations in the post-race winner's press conference.

1. On whether he sits and thinks at night about what moves to make on the racetrack:

"It's long nights on them buses, unless you have somebody to make it not long, and I'm happily single. So I'll just go ahead and clear the record."

2. On whether he was worried about seeing Kyle Busch in his rear-view mirror, given their history of run-ins:

"That's a fair assumption."

3. On out-dueling Matt Kenseth in the final laps:

"Hell, it's my job to be good. That's what I get paid for. I don't get paid to suck at this. If I did, I'm not driving for the right guy (Roger Penske)."

4.On why Keselowski didn't share with his plan to get around Kenseth and fend off Busch with his crew chief, Paul Wolfe:

"He's on a need-to-know basis. Sometimes I'm on a need-to-know basis. Sometimes there's things I'd rather he didn't tell me and there's times there's things he'd rather I didn't tell him. It's in that category."

5. On where he stands on the often differing and conflicting opinions drivers and fans have on what constitutes "good racing."

"I look at chess matches – not a lot of them on TV, (and they) sure as hell don't get 100,000 people to come to the match. So we got to balance those things.

"This package might be a little bit more to the daredevil side, but I'm all right with that, because we go to places where it's more to the chess player side. That's balance. I'll live with that and I'll be happy."

6. On whether this year will be a disappointment if he doesn't win the championship:

"I refuse to label this year a failure if we don't win a championship. I was talking about this the other day. Part of what defines a man is what code you live by. One of my codes – it's probably my strongest code – is to be better today than I was yesterday, and to be even better tomorrow than I was today."

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