NASCAR At Loudon: Brad Keselowski's Anti-Drug, Anti-Vitamin, Anti-Supplement Rant

In light of Penske Racing teammate AJ Allmendinger's suspension for a positive drug test, Brad Keselowski made some strong comments about athletes who take drugs, supplements and even vitamins today at New Hampshire Motor Speedway.

Keselowski said he hadn't spoken to Allmendinger since the suspension was handed down, but said it was "like watching somebody get killed because you know what it (means) to someone's career."

"Whether (the 'B' sample) comes back positive or negative, it's still a death sentence" as far as Allmendinger's reputation, Keselowski said.

But mostly, the driver had some thoughts about ingesting any sort of substance that might boost performance – or even health.

Here's what he told reporters at New Hampshire:

My personal belief that nothing should be allowed. Nothing. I don't feel like you should be able to take Flintstones (vitamin) pills. It's my personal belief. You're race car drivers, you should have to overcome it. I think it's a bunch of bullshit people should be allowed to take supplements, any of those things. I don't think that's right. I don't think any athlete should be allowed to take that. But that's my own personal belief.


At end of day, there are certain things still allowed. Who gets to pick and choose what they are? I don't know. I don't understand that process. My own personal code of avoiding (a positive test) is to take nothing at all.

But when you go in that room to have a drug test – and I've never taken drugs in my life, I'm scared shitless of it and it's honestly a phobia of mine – I go in that room and I'm still scared. Becauese you know if something goes wrong, it's a death sentence for your career. It's over. And it's in human hands, and by the very nature of it being in human hands, there's a potential for error.

I'd like to sit here and believe it's gone through all the processes to make sure it's done right and no one would go out on a limb without making sure it was checked, checked and back-checked, but I also know that the course of history shows that humans make mistakes even when they check, check and re-check. That's why airplanes crash. That's how things go.

There's mixed emotions for sure on my end. I wish the pool of athletes that compete and make money like we do – whether it's here in NASCAR or the NFL – it would be my preference that we're allowed to take nothing, and that's it your job to just do it. To just go out there and perform through the pain or whatever ails you. But obviously, that's not the situation. Until we get together as a society and make that a position, there's always going to be this gray area in society of what supplement is right and what is not.

I laugh out loud when I read that people say, 'Well I have my supplements checked.' Like there's some special list of supplements that are OK, but these aren't! What kind of world is that? That's terrible. Nothing should be allowed. Because then it comes down to if you've got a doctor or a lawyer who says, 'This is OK and this is not.' And I think we all know you can get a doctor or a lawyer these days to say you're OK with anything you do.

It reminds me of an old Jeff Foxworthy joke about the difference between kids and senior citizens: You worry about drugs with both of them, the only difference is one is legal and one is not. I remember having grandmas and so forth that took drugs that would knock you out. They couldn't even stand up. And they were all legal. They might not be legal in this sport, but you still have to wonder about those things.

I'm sure I have different views than everyone else. I don't think there needs to be any committee that approves drugs or supplements because I think you shouldn't be allowed to take anything. You should just man up and drive the damn race car.

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