Kyle Busch At Bristol: Track Is 'Terrible,' But Race Isn't A Must-Win

Kyle Busch had his first at-track media session since before his last-lap incident with Brad Keselowski at Watkins Glen, and it was a mix of surly and funny responses.

Here are some of Busch's most memorable quips from Friday's group interview at Bristol Motor Speedway:

On the newly reconfigured Bristol surface:

I think it's terrible. That's about it.

On why he believes his past success at Bristol and Richmond give them his best chance for a win:

I would say that's the leading cause of why you'd feel that way.

On whether he was more upset at Watkins Glen because of contact with Brad Keselowski or NASCAR's no-call with an oiled track:

All of the above.

On whether he'll take more risks in the next three weeks to get a win:

It's not necessarily like I haven't been driving hard or I've been asleep at the wheel. Factors haven't all led together in giving us the opportunity to win one.

On whether he's spoken to Keselowski since Watkins Glen:


On whether he'll experiment with the high line at Bristol:

I don't have to. I watched the Truck race.

On what he learned from watching the Truck race:

Nobody passed anybody.

On whether this weekend is a must-win for him:

We got three weeks, man. Chill out.

On whether running more races would help:

The only thing I can do is run some more Nationwide and Truck races to get my bad luck out of the way there instead of moving over to Sunday. Aside from that, how much better do you want me to run before a fucking engine blows up or a brake rotor falls off or before you blow a right-front tire? You name it, we've had it.

On whether he's asked team owner Joe Gibbs for advice:

I've asked him what I've got to do to get better luck, how much more I've got to pray or whatever else, you know? Doesn't seem to work, no matter what we've done.

On what he meant by saying the team needed to 'have tricks up our sleeve' on the radio:

I didn't mean like the 48 car and Keselowski. I just meant thinking of some other things we can try.

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