Cale Gale Interview: 12 Questions with NASCAR Truck Series Rookie

Geoff Burke - Getty Images for NASCAR

Our series of weekly NASCAR driver interviews continues with Cale Gale, a rookie who drives for Eddie Sharp Racing in the Camping World Truck Series. Gale is 13th in the point standings with a pole and four top-10 finishes this season.

SBN: What percent of the races in your life can you remember?

CG: What percentage?

SBN: Yeah.

CG: I'd say I probably remember 80 percent of 'em.

SBN: What happens to the rest of them?

CG: The rest of 'em I was probably too young to remember.

SBN: Oh, I see. So you can remember all of the recent ones, but not some of the ones from when you were a kid?

CG: Kind of a blur, yeah.

SBN: What was the first-ever win you got in any form of motorsports?

CG: A go-kart win when I was 4.

SBN: Nice. How long did you race before you won the first one?

CG: It was my first race.

SBN: Had you tested before that or anything?

CG: Oh yeah. I rode around in the backyard. My dad built me a little car when I was 3, and my brother would actually wave the flags to me and teach me what all the flags meant. I probably did that for six or seven months before my dad took me to a go-kart track and actually let me race.

SBN: Who is a clean driver you enjoy racing with in the Truck Series?

CG: I mean, I pretty much respect everybody. I think I get respect back most of the time, you know?

SBN: On the opposite side of that, is there anyone who seems to make it especially hard on you?

CG: (Ron) Hornaday.

SBN: Yeah?

CG: Yep. Makes it hard on me.

SBN: Do you think that's directed toward you in particular, or is he that way with everybody?

CG: Everybody (chuckles).

SBN: What's your personal code of conduct on the track?

CG: Patience the first half. The second half, coming down to the last stop, end of the race, lot of restarts, start getting aggressive.

SBN: OK. Do you have a mental list of drivers to pay back for on-track incidents?

CG: I keep a mental list. Yeah, sure. I think all race car drivers do. You seem to never forget.

SBN: Is there a lot of people on your list right now?

CG: Uh...a couple.

SBN: Alright. If you could turn back time and race with someone from the past, who would you like to team up with?

CG: David Pearson or Cale Yarborough.

SBN: Any reason in particular as to why you'd pick them over someone else?

CG: I just think 'cause they were able to manhandle race cars and just had that fire in both of 'em.

SBN: When is the last time you got nervous about anything?

CG: I got nervous before the race at Kentucky (last week). I get nervous before any race.

SBN: Just because of the anticipation and things like that?

CG: Yep.

SBN: You guys meet a lot of fans and sign a lot of autographs, and sometimes they can ask awkward questions or put you in uncomfortable positions. Do you have any stories along those lines?

CG: I got asked to sign a boob one time.

SBN: So what did you do?

CG: I signed it.

SBN: Without getting too graphic, are we talking old boob or young boob?

CG: It was a big, medium boob.

SBN: OK, I'm getting the picture now.

CG: I mean, if you want me to be honest, it was damn near a watermelon.

SBN: Someday when you retire – and if you had to choose one of these jobs – would you rather be a NASCAR broadcaster or high-ranking NASCAR official like a Wayne Auton?

CG: Wow, that's an interesting question. Those are my only two options if I wasn't racing?

SBN: Yeah, you have to choose one of those.

CG: I'm going to choose broadcaster. That's one of the things if I wasn't a race car driver that I'd like to pursue, with being on TV.

SBN: Is there any question you get asked a lot that you're tired of answering?

CG: Not really, no.

SBN: Pretty easy-going with the questions?

CG: Yeah.

SBN: I've been asking each driver to give me a question for the next person. Last week, Justin Allgaier wanted to know: With all the people asking for time on a race weekend, how do you prioritize who gets your time between the team, sponsors, fans, media, etc.?

CG: Well obviously, I think the most important thing is your race car and your team and making sure it's performing the best. Then being sure your sponsor is happy, then the media. I think that's about how it should go.

SBN: And do you have a question I could ask the next guy?

CG: I don't know. A question for a race car driver? (Thinks for awhile) If you weren't a race car driver, what would you be?

SBN: Great, thanks.

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