NASCAR Charlotte 2013: Kyle Busch calls Brad Keselowski 'stupid'

Jared C. Tilton

Kyle Busch called out Brad Keselowski during a radio interview Friday, saying he’s not worried about his rival retaliating.

The rivalry between Kyle Busch and Brad Keselowski doesn't appear to be subsiding anytime soon.

A week after spinning Keselowski out during the Nationwide Series at Kansas Speedway, Busch called his rival "stupid" during an appearance Friday on SiriusXM's NASCAR channel and is unconcerned about Keselowski retaliating.

"Probably for Brad being who Brad is, I guess I should be worried because he's stupid enough to do something," Busch said Friday. "But in all reality, to myself, I don't know, I guess I had more respect for drivers than that."

Busch equated what happened at Kansas to a run-in he and Keselowski had last year at Watkins Glen when Busch was leading on the final lap. The contact pushed Busch out of the lead and eventually would cost him a spot in NASCAR's Chase for the Sprint Cup. Keselowski would go on to finish the race second to Marcos Ambrose.

"I got wrecked at Watkins Glen last year (by him)," Busch said. "He could have given me an inch and we could have made it through that corner and not have been spun out at Watkins Glen.

"I probably could have gave Brad an inch at Kansas. But when you're raced as hard as you are and you get side-drafted and doored down the front straightaway, all those things start to go out the window and you start losing respect for that person and the next time you get to them, you just don't get care. And essentially that's what happened. I had an opportunity where I could have lifted when I got tight but I didn't. I just drove through the tight."

After the wreck at Kansas, Keselowski, the defending Sprint Cup champion, called Busch a "dirty driver" and insinuated he would seek revenge because he had nothing to lose having not qualified for the Chase, while Busch (at the time third in the standings) was competing for the championship.

"He put me in the fence in Chicago in the truck race and the Nationwide races he has been pulling this crap," Keselowski said. "It is not gonna last I can tell you that. I feel bad for the guys next to me that are going to have to fix his stuff. That is going to be part of racing and they are going to have to deal with it."

And what will happen if Keselowski makes good on his promise?

"All in all, if he pays it back, he pays it back and that will just bring on a heck of a lot more fireworks," Busch said.

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