NASCAR Phoenix 2013: NASCAR updates Daytona crash investigation

Chris Graythen

NASCAR has updated its investigation into the Daytona Nationwide Series crash that injured 28 spectators.

NASCAR is continuing its investigation into the horrific Nationwide Series crash at Daytona International Speedway that injured at least 28 fans.

In a news conference Saturday at Phoenix International Speedway, NASCAR Senior Vice President for Racing Operations Steve O'Donnell said the sanctioning body will consult with experts in fencing in addition to taking a look at the placement of crossing gates.

O'Donnell reiterated that while Kyle Larson escaping injury is a testament to the numerous safety features NASCAR has implemented to keep drivers unharmed, NASCAR does have issue with the way his car disintegrated when it made contact with the crossing gate.

Another area of concern is whether the crossing gate makes the fence as structurally sound as it otherwise would without an access gate.

"I think because of where it hit," O'Donnell said, "it having pieces that did get through, and it being a gate area, I think that's really going to be the focus for us.

"We'll certainly look at fencing in general. But I think that particular area, the fact that it is a gate, did that impact it. We know the gate was locked, we know it was secure, but does that provide as much stability as the rest of the fencing."

NASCAR has taken Larson's car back to its research and development center where it will reconstruct the car to determine whether the design in some way led to nose being sheared off as well as the inordinate amount of debris that was scattered.

"There are certainly a number of suggestions out there," O'Donnell said. "I think we'll look at any and all of them. But to do this right, we've got to take the time to reconstruct the car, reconstruct the fence, reconstruct the accident, then go out and say, 'OK, here is what we know what happened and what would prevent that moving forward.'"

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