NASCAR Kansas 2014: Clint Bowyer optimistic about home track win

Jamie Squire

An eventful week for Clint Bowyer concludes with a race on his home track Saturday night at Kansas Speedway.

With a new bride, an extended contract with Michael Waltrip Racing and son on the way, Clint Bowyer has a lot to smile about as of late.

There is, however, one thing noticeably absent: a win. Ideally, that victory would come this weekend at Kansas Speedway, the home track for the Emporia, Kansas native.

Bowyer hasn't won since October 2012 at Charlotte Motor Speedway, and has had a slow to his season, which began ominously with a rollover in a Daytona 500 qualifying race. But coming off a third-place finish at Talladega Superspeedway, he's optimistic about his chances Saturday night.

"I think Daytona kind of set our season when we started with a barrel roll," Bowyer said Friday. "And then the very next attempt the engine blew up halfway through the race. I'm like ‘Can we skip this year. This is not starting very good.'

"Last weekend at Talladega -- a lot of good news. A lot of good momentum and ‘mojo' around our 15 team. It couldn't come at a better time."

Adding to the importance of the weekend, Kansas marks Bowyer's 300th career start, while sponsor, 5-Hour Energy, is presenting Saturday night's Sprint Cup race, a first for the company which announced a "multiyear" extension with Bowyer and MWR Monday.

The commitment of 5-Hour Energy coincided with new contracts for Bowyer and crew Brian Pattie, reported to be three years apiece. This followed a theme of big news this week for Bowyer, as the announcement came on the same day he and wife Lorra found out they are expecting a boy.

"I'm really looking forward to it," Bowyer said. "That's the question, I know everybody you talk to, ‘What are you going to name him.' I'm scrambling right now."

And to top everything off, Bowyer's mom will wave the green flag Saturday.

"It's pretty cool they asked her to wave the green flag," Bowyer said. "We are a pretty close family so we've all been ragging her a little bit, ‘Don't drop the flag, mom. Just whatever you do, do not drop the flag.' I hope there's not a caution."

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