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SB Nation has broken new ground today, as we now have our first-ever NASL blog.

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Emmanuel Sanders inspires the next generation


Every NFL player got their start in HS. Some were stars, some had just discovered the game. Now, six of them are going back to lend a surprise hand.

Cosmos seem intent on challenging MLS

The Andre Lewis signing might just be the first of many battles the Cosmos and MLS will wage.

Which team did Andre Lewis sign with?

It's time for the "what club did Andre Lewis sign with?" game.

Whitecaps first rounder signs with the Cosmos

The NASL side reached an agreement with Lewis at some point between the combine and Thursday's draft

NASL announces paid subscription service


Second division fans in the United States will no longer be able to watch NASL games for free

NASL player traded for travel and lodging expenses

Walter Restrepo wasn't traded for a washing machine, but it was certainly an eye opening return

New York Cosmos Will Play At Hofstra In 2013

The storied NASL team will mark its return to professional soccer in a rather understated way.

NASL Will Use Split-Season Format In 2013

NASL will play two full round-robin seasons in 2013, modeling itself after much of Latin America.

The Great Cosmos Gear Hunt

You too can find discount Cosmos and soccer gear, along with people willing to trade jerseys with you. Give us a few minutes and we'll tell you how.

New And Humbled New York Cosmos Seem To Be For Real This Time

Following an initial New York Cosmos relaunch that was defined by excess, this one seems to be rooted in far more realistic terms.

New York Cosmos Will Return To NASL In 2013

Assuming the Cosmos really take the field in 2013, it will mark the highest level that team has competed at in nearly 30 years.

NASL Apparently Has Big Expansion Plans, In 'Active' Talks With 20 Markets

The one-year-old NASL apparently has big expansion plans, with San Diego, Detroit, Indianapolis and Nashville among the reported possibilities.

NASL's Etienne Barbara Off To A Torrid Start, 11 Goals In 8 Matches

You've probably never heard of him, but Etienne Barbara is tearing up NASL and could very well end up playing for a MLS team near you.

NASL Season Preview: Ranking The Teams By Logos

The NASL is obviously very image conscious right now. As its inaugural season gets ready to kick off on Saturday, we look at which teams have gotten their logos right and which have some work to do.

NASL CEO Aaron Davidson: 'After Four Years, You Don't Just Give Up'

NASL CEO Aaron Davidson is not ready to concede his fledgling league's fate. He believes the owners have made the needed moves to secure second division sanctioning from the USSF.

Offseason Of Content: NASL Still Kicking After Tumultuous Period

The NASL appears to have emerged from a tumultuous period looking relatively strong. This stability can only be good for soccer in the United States.

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