NBA Draft Lottery 2014

NBA Draft Lottery - 5:30PM - ESPN - Good Luck!

The Phoenix Suns have been players in the draft lottery ten times in twenty six years but have never won the #1 overall pick. In fact, the Suns have not drafted higher than their record-based slot...

The Sixers, The Draft Lottery, And YOU

The Draft Lottery is upcoming and in order for the Sixers to get out of 11 purgatory and into the top 3 of the draft, you must make some sacrifices.

Pistons learn draft slot tonight

The results of the NBA Draft lottery will be revealed Tuesday night. The Pistons have a 3.6 percent chance of winning the first overall pick, and a 60 percent chance of staying at No. 7.

A look at mock drafts pre-Lottery

We rounded up various NBA mock drafts, with Nerlens Noel seeming the early favorite to go No. 1 before an open draft that could see almost a variety of players scattered in any which way from No. 3 to No. 10.

Magic have best odds of winning lottery

The Magic have best shot at winning draft lottery, but team with best odds has only won twice in last 22 years.

Draft lotto at 5:30 p.m.

The Kings' first-round pick will be determined by some ping pong balls Tuesday evening.

A lottery conspiracy for every team

Frozen envelopes. Loaded balls. Corrupted officials. It's the NBA Draft Lottery, Super Bowl for sports conspiracy theorists. Here's all the ammo you need heading into Tuesday's big event.

Lotto might be Smart's last appearance with Kings

Keith Smart will smile and wave for the Sacramento Kings Tuesday night at the NBA Draft Lottery, but that doesn't mean his days aren't numbered as the team's head coach.

NBA Draft Lottery history: When the worst has won

Highs and lows of the NBA Draft Lottery and the team's resulting picks.

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