2013-14 NBA preview

Spurs bring back the Big 3 and Kawhi

The San Antonio Spurs brought back an aging Manu Ginobili and will give it another go with their own Big Three, but it's a wonder if Kawhi Leonard is now one of those three.

The Spurs' new Big 3

Don't weep for the Spurs. Even as Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili get older, the future of the franchise is in good hands with a new Big 3 of sorts.

Playoffs or bust

Have the Wizards and their fans finally been set free of the Groundhog Day cycle of dashed hopes and lottery picks? Will 2013-14 actually be a different year? Let's talk about it in the SB Nation NBA Season Preview of the Wizards.

Nene's cerebral game

Even though his numbers seem ordinary, there are so many ways that Nene helps the Wizards win.

Optimism, finally

After two years of basketball purgatory and a half-season lost with a scary knee injury, John Wall showed the world why he was a can't-miss prospect. Now, he has the perpetually cursed Wizards thinking big.

The perfect fit

After a promising rookie season, it's clear that Bradley Beal is going to be a really good player in the NBA for a long time, and one whose game perfectly meshes with the Wizards' star.

Wizards' roster has cohesion around John Wall

With point guard John Wall signed to an extension, the Washington Wizards' roster has built cohesion and has the young talent to improve this season.

Are flashy offseason changes enough for Pelicans?

They changed their name and brought in two high-profile guards. Will those moves be enough to make the Pelicans contenders for a playoff spot?

Don't leave Ryan Anderson

Every scouting report in the world says you shouldn't leave Ryan Anderson open for three, yet he keeps sneaking away. How does he do it? We break down how the New Orleans Pelicans find space for the deadly long-range shooter.

Rise of the Brow

From a player whose best scholarship offer came from Cleveland State to the No. 1 pick in the draft, Anthony Davis' progression has been meteoritic. What does he do to build on a promising, but uneven rookie season?

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