SB Nation: NBA 2012-13 Preview Series

All of SB Nation's NBA previews.

MKG, Mike Dunlap will try new things

The Charlotte Bobcats made two surprising decisions in hiring little-known Mike Dunlap to be their head coach and drafting Michael Kidd-Gilchrist with the No. 2 overall pick in the 2012 NBA Draft. But now that their long-term plan is coming into focu

Instead of trying to win, the Bobcats should ...

The Charlotte Bobcats have little to no interest in competing this season. It's all a part of the plan. So what should the Bobcats do instead of fighting for wins? Explore the outer limits of what is "basketball," of course.

The Dream Shake's 2012-13 Houston Rockets Preview


Time for the annual Blogger Previews to stop through ol' H-Town. Here's The Dream Shake's preview for the 2012-2013 season.


Did Dallas pursue Deron Williams hard enough?

The Dallas Mavericks didn't get Deron Williams, and that happens sometimes to teams pursuing big-name free agents. But in this case, can they really say they gave their best effort?

Mavericks preview: Whither Dirk?

The Dallas Mavericks rely so heavily on the genius of Dirk Nowitzki that the team's 2012-13 depends completely on the availability and efficacy of Dirk Nowitzki's genius.


Moving on from ISO-Joe

The Atlanta Hawks hit the reset button by trading star Joe Johnson, but thanks to some clever moves, they may not lose too many games in the standings.

Hawks preview: Facing life after Joe

The Hawks' offensive identity for the past seven years has been Joe Johnson-based. What now?

Despite no Deron, Dallas might still be OK


The Mavericks front office managed to put together a decent team after missing out on Deron Williams this summer.

Peachtree Hoops previews the Atlanta Hawks


What are the storylines facing the team this season? Which angle will drive Hawks fans the craziest throughout the year? Peachtree Hoops participates in SB Nation NBA's Season Preview series by answering five good questions about the team this year.


Is Marvin Williams any good?

How good is Marvin Williams? We don't know, which makes the Utah Jazz's trade for him especially interesting.

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