NBA Mount Rushmore Day

Our bloggers submit their recommendations for members of their franchise's Mount Rushmore.

David Stern's legacy: panegyrizing and palavering


I tried not to let my general repugnance with David Stern cloud my objectivity in providing a balanced examination of his 30 year reign as commissioner of the NBA... but in the end I failed. Just...

Prokhorov, Kidd and Yormark on Stern's Retirement


Brooklyn Nets management, including owner Mikhail Prokhorov, head coach Jason Kidd and Nets CEO Brett Yormark offer up a few words on the retirement of David Stern.

David Stern and the Minnesota Timberwolves


With the retirement of Commissioner Stern upon us, SB Nation is running another theme day. This time it's David Stern's effect on the various NBA franchises.

Changing of the guard


David Stern is stepping down as NBA commissioner and Adam Silver will be the next man to lead the association. The end of every era opens the door to a new one.

Did David Stern's penalties actually help Pacers?


The Pacers took all of the heat for the 2004 brawl in Detroit, but did David Stern's heavy penalties actually end up helping the Pacers reach the point where they are today as one of the top teams...

What has the Commish ever done for the ATL?


Obviously David Stern has had a tremendous run as NBA Commissioner -- but we just can't remember what he's done specifically for the ATL. So we looked back to remember some of the times the Hawks...

Purple Ties: A Farewell to David Stern


Today around SB Nation's NBA blogs, we're covering what Stern meant to our franchises.

David Stern's legacy is a competitive LAC team


Two of L.A.'s big three players are Clippers as a direct result of decision by David Stern.

Looking back on Stern's impact on the Heat


As SB Nation bids NBA Commissioner David Stern a fond farewell, HotHotHoops’ David Ramil looks at Stern’s impact on the biggest free agent acquisition that never happened in the summer of 1996

A Stern Farewell

Lovingly commemorating David Stern in his final months as commissioner.

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