Chicago Bulls Forward Carlos Boozer Practices For First Time Since Hand Injury

A dangerous Chicago Bulls team may become even better. Marquee free agent signing Carlos Boozer practiced Monday for the first time since breaking his hand in October.

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Carlos Boozer Practices For First Time Since Hand Injury

The Chicago Bulls are a dangerous team in the Eastern Conference, having escaped their annual early-season West Coast swing with a winning record for the first time since Michael Jordan was on the team. Now, they might be getting their big free-agent signing back from injury.

Carlos Boozer practiced today for the first time since suffering a broken hand when tripping over a gym bag in his home on October 3, according to K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune.

Reporters don't get to watch Bulls practice, but Carlos Boozer, as he promised, is indeed practicing.    

Of course, since it's 2010, information on how Boozer looked in practice still gets out. This time, it came from Scottie Pippen on his Twitter account. Consider the source, but the news sounds good for Bulls fans.

Watching the Bulls practice and it's great to see Carlos Boozer out there--his legs look fresh and he's bringing some positive enegy [sic.]

Boozer's return is obviously huge for a Bulls team that often struggles to score without him. Coach Tom Thibodeau has done a great job of building outstanding offensive schemes to compensate for Boozer's absence, but the Bulls are still just 18th in the league at points scored per 100 possessions. However, Boozer's presence means fewer minutes for second-year forward Taj Gibson, who has improved significantly this season.

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Chicago Bulls Denying Report That They're Investigating Circumstances Behind Carlos Boozer's Injury

A throwaway line in New York Daily News columnist Mitch Lawrence's Sunday column about the Bulls investigating the circumstances behind Carlos Boozer's broken hand raised a few eyebrows around the league. However, it appears Lawrence's report is untrue, according to K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune.

The Bulls aren't investigating Carlos Boozer's hand injury, as a published report claimed over the weekend.

What are they supposed to do, interview the gym bag Boozer said he tripped over?    

Johnson said there is some skepticism over whether Boozer's account that he tripped over his gym bag in his home is true, but acknowledges there's very little the Bulls can do about it. Considering an "investigation" into something like this seems petty, I'm going to trust Johnson's account over Lawrence's. 


Report: Bulls Investigating The Truth Of Carlos Boozer's Injury Story

When Carlos Boozer said he suffered a broken hand tripping over a gym back in his own home, it should have at least prompted some eyebrows to be raised. At best, Boozer's accident was an unfortunate coincidence. At worst? Maybe he's lying.

That's the concern the Chicago Bulls reportedly have as well. According to Mitch Lawrence of the New York Daily News, who admittedly isn't always the most reliable source, the Bulls are investigating whether Boozer is telling the truth about his injury.

After investing $80 million guaranteed in Boozer last summer, the Bulls want to make sure that he's telling the truth, remembering that he once famously reneged on an agreement to remain with the Cavs in 2004. From what we hear, that may have factored into the Bulls' decision to check out his story.


If Boozer indeed lied about his injury, that's obviously a pretty unforgivable sin. His account does seem kind of weird, so I guess that's a possibility.

But is there anything the Chicago Bulls really gain from doing this? Boozer is out eight weeks regardless of what the "investigation" uncovers, and it seems rather petty and unrealistic for them to expect to recover some of the money they've paid Boozer already. The only possible end to an investigation is a rift in the relationship between Boozer and the organization develops, and that's not good considering Boozer has an $80+ million contract.

In this case, it doesn't really pay for the Bulls to be right. 


Carlos Boozer Breaks Hand At Home, Expected To Miss Two Months

Earlier in the summer, the Chicago Bulls were rumored to be the team with the best chance of putting together a Miami-style superclub. Instead, they had to settle for Carlos Boozer and a number of smaller signings. 

But now, they won't even have their marquee signing for two months. The Bulls announced that Boozer broke his hand and will miss eight weeks. 

Chicago Bulls forward Carlos Boozer sustained a fracture of his right hand (5th metacarpal) on October 2, 2010. He was evaluated by team physician Dr. Brian Cole and hand specialist Dr. Marc Cohen of Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush. The fracture will require surgery and Carlos will likely be out 8 weeks.    

That was the extent of their announcement. So how did the injury happen? Boozer slipped and fell inside his house.

"I was at my house, came around a corner, fell over a bag, put my arm down to try to brace myself. Unfortunately, my fifth metacarpal, on the pinky, broke into three pieces. I'll get surgery on Tuesday, do my rehab and conditioning, be around the guys.    


"It was just dark. My doorbell had rang and I tripped over a bag, tried to brace myself and it popped. I jumped back up, opened the door and my hand was still a little bit numb.

"It was a gym bag. It was a big bag I had first thing over here at the hotel for training camp. I went back to my place, hadn't unpacked the bag yet, came around the corner, running to get the door and fell over it. I'm 265, 5 percent body fat. I'm heavy, man. I guess I had to brace myself and my weight just collapsed the bone right there.

SB Nation's Bulls blog Blog a Bull's immediate reaction? 

I'm lucky I didn't break my own hand out of frustration after reading that.

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