The Miami Heat Lose Again, And This Just Keeps Getting Better

The Miami Heat have lost back-to-back games to the Memphis Grizzlies and Indiana Pacers, respectively. Dwyane Wade and LeBron James still haven't found a rhythm together, and the Heat just lost their most productive big man (sorry, Chris Bosh) to an injury for at least six weeks.

Other than all that, EVERYTHING'S GREAT.


As one writer noted last night, "Somewhere, Charles Barkley is eating a donut and winking back at LeBron." Because sometimes in life, you get what you ask for. Mmmm... Karma.


Back when the Heat first came together this past July, I mentioned this fate as a possibility for LeBron and the rest of the cast in Miami, and compared LeBron to Stringer Bell from The Wire.

The same way Stringer barks at Avon, "There's games beyond the f—ing game," can't you picture LeBron sitting around with his team of marketers/friends, saying the same thing? "It's about MORE than just basketball." And without entering the minds of the three superstars, doesn't that seem like what happened with the Miami Heat this offseason?

Brand LeBron wanted to pair with Brand Wade, and Chris Bosh just wanted to be a brand. So they got together, and started scheming to make a bigger play.

... The Heat would have been better off using LeBron's money to fill out the roster, getting a solid center like Brendan Haywood, and building a real team around Bosh and Wade. LeBron would have been better off with the Bulls. As it stands, Miami's not a dynasty, but an experiment, and every season will be a whole new test—can they win with this supporting cast?

Does that sound like a fun way to spend your prime as an NBA superstar?

No? Well, you get what you deserve. Stringer did. LeBron probably will.

On paper, it looks like a truly historic moment for NBA players, spearheaded by LeBron's undying quest to transcend the game. But that's not how it works. Too much ambition can get you in trouble. ... Remember: Stringer's waterfront condos. And remember: the Heat still need a center, a point guard, a sixth man, and a lot of luck with the injury Gods.

...AND NOW IT'S ALL HAPPENING. Call it karma, the inevitable by-product of the Heat's suffocating hubris, or just an early-season aberration (riiiiight). Whatever you want to say, the Heat just lost to two incredibly mediocre teams, and they're apparently looking at Erick Dampier as the savior.

You get what you ask for, 'Bron. Should have watched The Wire...

Then again, that's the problem. LeBron has always been more of an Entourage guy.

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