Allen Iverson Was More Like Michael Jordan Than We Ever Realized

You know how VH1's Behind The Music series used to feature these insane behind-the-scenes stories of all the excess and insanity that percolated beneath the surface of Rock and Roll in the '70s and '80s? Pretty great, right?

Well, in the '90s and beyond, rap replaced rock as the preeminent badass genre, and while bands like The Smashing Pumpkins and Green Day dominated the sagging alternative scene, rappers were getting CRAZY. All of which is to say, as the hip-hop generation matures, I'm pretty excited to hear all the insane, hidden stories that eluded us when they happened.

And what athlete embodies the Hip-Hop generation better than Allen Iverson? Isn't it about time for some insane A.I. stories to start trickling out?


After the jump, Questlove quenches our thirst.

Say what you want about Allen Iverson, but at his peak, he was a force of nature in every way possible. He's the guy that was rumored to have played an NBA All-Star Game after not sleeping for the entire weekend of parties. He's the guy who apparently could run a 4:20 mile in basketball shoes. He made upwards of $100 million and spent it all, depending on who you ask. And he was infamous for his "posse", but damnit, that posse was VIGILANT.

As The Roots' Questlove remembers it:

i for one am glad chuck is gone cause you can't bring no dime to my seats at the game without fear of his system being in effect.

he got a squad of 10.

4 in nosebleed
4 in lower
2 on the floor

they work the ENTIRE stadium like a lion seeking whom they may devour.

i swear ive seen the DUMBEST doctors bring they lil goomah (is that how sopranos say it? lol) to the game and let that poor dude run and get a beer or she have to go to the ladies room.

their game is TIGHT son....they roll real quick with business cards....after party with AI...and if they have a date its all good. once dropped off to the crib you can dial the number and they will CAR SERVICE you to the location.

the shit is game tight.

thank god for respect. but i aint dumb. a chick come on the floor with me? she aint going NOWHERE alone for 2 mins cause these mofos act quick and fast.

every half time his uncles clown me....

"man you are lucky chuck love yo ass, cause you know we woulda carded her up right?"


But maybe it's not a Hip-Hop thing. After all, this is the exact same thing we heard about Michael Jordan a few years ago. And here we were thinking AI was MJ's antithesis... From a story called "Michael Jordan Tried To Steal My Date" (via the Washington City Paper):

Minutes later, Christine and I get up to go. As I take a few steps ahead of her to grab the door, the man in the cashmere coat slips behind me. When I turn around, he's whispering in her ear, handing her a note of some sort. Christine quickly grabs it and stuffs it in her pocket. The man scurries away.

"Hey, what was that he handed you?" I ask Christine, acting amused.

"Oh, you mean this?" she says, playfully handing me a card adorned with the Wizards logo. It's the card of Fred Whitfield, identified as a "legal counsel" for the team.

"What did he say to you?" I ask, bravely handing the card back.

"Ummm...he said 'When that guy drops you off, call this phone number and we'll send the limo to pick you up,'" Christine responds.

And who could forget the Shark Tank story about an anonymous NBA player? Maybe we don't need Behind the Hip-Hop Music, after all. Is it time for a feature full of insane NBA partying stories?


(HT: Marcel Mutoni)

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