The Magic-Suns-Wizards Trade: A Full Breakdown Of Saturday's Blockbuster

Saturday's reported three-way deal between the Orlando Magic, Phoenix Suns, and Washington Wizards can rightly be described as a blockbuster. With several stars and large assets heading in different directions, things have grown somewhat confusing. Here's a complete breakdown of what, according to the latest reports, each team will receive.

Jason Richardson from Suns
Hedo Turkoglu from Suns
Earl Clark from Suns
Gilbert Arenas from Wizards

Rashard Lewis from Magic

Vince Carter from Magic
Marcin Gortat from Magic
Mickael Pietrus from Magic
2011 first-round pick from Magic
$3 million in cash from Magic

These moves are according to reports from Yahoo! Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski and ESPN's Chris Broussard. Our own blogs have immediately weighed in on this trade. First, from our own Orlando Pinstriped Post, which first broke the Arenas-to-Magic possibility:

[Richardson] strikes me as the most significant player in this trade from Orlando's perspective, as his ability to knock down open three-pointers and elevate for jump shots off the dribble should boost its weak offense.

[...] The bigger draw, from a narrative perspective, is Turkoglu's return to Orlando. The Magic acquired Carter following their 2009 NBA Finals run ostensibly to upgrade Turkoglu's spot on that team, with Turkoglu departing in free agency a few weeks later. When viewed this way, the Magic had a second chance to choose between Carter and Turkoglu, and this time they sided with Turkoglu.

Arenas was the Wizards' franchise player, but he seemed unhappy in Washington in recent times, and at this point the team is likely happy to be relieved of his salary. Our Wizards blog, Bullets Forever, takes a look at Rashard Lewis, the player they'll receive in return:

Lewis has two years left after this year on a maximum contract signed in the summer of 2007.  He is scheduled to make $21.1 million in 2011/12 and $22.7 million in 2012/13.  However, Lewis' salary is only initially for $10 million in that final year and only escalates if he meets performance incentives, according to Sham Sports.  Arenas has three years and $62 million left on his deal after this year.  At best, the Wizards will save about $31 million over the course of the contract.  At worst, they will save around $18 million.  However, they won't get anything else back in the trade.

If this trade goes final as reported, the Suns will walk off with a lot of pieces. Our Suns blog, Bright Side of the Sun, is not terribly excited.

Well folks, it looks like a done deal. Welcome the Polish Hammer, Marcin Gortat along with Vince "My Knee Hurts" Carter. So long Jason Richardson - you've been fantastic. Hedo, we hardly got to know you and don't fully blame you for not fitting on this team.

[...] Essentially, the Suns are sacrificing this season to get Marcin Gortat and perhaps one more year of Mickael Pietrus along with a Orlando's first round pick which will be in the mid-to-late 20's.

This mammoth trade is not yet official, but with so many sources reporting it, it certainly begs attention. Follow along with this StoryStream, which we'll be updating when we learn more.

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