NBA Scores And More: LeBron Laughs At Cavs' Misfortune As Lakers Win By 55

The Cavaliers were embarrassed by the Lakers and made fun of by their former star. In other action, the Knicks win on the West Coast and Carmelo Anthony helps Denver throttle the Suns.

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Lakers Vs. Cavaliers: LeBron Laughs At Cleveland's Misfortune As L.A. Wins By 55

The L.A. Lakers dismembered the Cleveland Cavaliers on Tuesday night to the tune of a final score of 112-57. That's no typo, and that's why you'll understand that the "dismemberment" crack is not hyperbole. I believe J.J. Hickson lost an arm in the carnage.

The big story coming out of the game isn't the Lakers' awesome power or the Cavaliers' unbelievable ineptitude, but (what else?) LeBron James' feelings of glee at seeing the score. With the Lakers up by 50, James tweeted.


While I don't recall what Antawn Jamison ever did to deserve the walloping handed out by the Lakers, and while I'm pretty sure we're in a rubber-glue situation here, I'm going to nod to King James' gamesmanship and move on.

The Lakers had a really balanced attack, mostly because no one needed to play much or try particularly hard. Six Lakers scored 13 points, but none scored more than 15. Kobe Bryant and Derek Fisher played under 25 minutes; L.A. outscored Cleveland by 46 points in those minutes. The lowest plus-minus for any L.A. starter was +41 (Ron Artest).

More crazy? More crazy. The Lakers had three quarters in which they outscored what Cleveland did in that given half. L.A. could have committed a 24-second violation on every possession in the second half and still ended up tied 57-57 at the end of regulation. The Lakers scored their 58th point 34 seconds into the third quarter; they could have missed their last 40 shots and still won.

I don't know if that's karma, but it's certainly a debacle.


Knicks Vs. Blazers: Portland Cold As Amar'e Stoudemire Leads New York To Road Victory

The New York Knicks rebounded from blistering defeat in L.A. by getting a solid road win over the Portland Trail Blazers 100-86 on Tuesday night. Amar'e Stoudemire was held to an less-than-efficient 23 points on 23 shots (plus eight free throws), but Ronny Turiaf, starting at center for the 'Bockers, scored an unexpected 19 on 8-9 shooting to help boost New York's vaunted offense.

The Blazers got some surprises, too; they were not, however, as pleasant as Turiaf. Portland shot just 35 percent, and team hero LaMarcus Aldridge shot just 8-18 for 19 points. A pox on Wesley Matthews, who shot 2-13, Marcus Camby (0-5) and Patty Mills (3-9). We will, however, take back the "pox" comment in Mills' case, because I just realized that we're officially going with "Patty" instead of "Patrick" on all official NBA dispatches, and well, that's worth a nod and smile.

That nod and smile would do a lot for Portland's teamwork, and is needed given that the Blazers had just eight assists all game. Sure, they only scored 23 field goals, but the sub-35 percent assist rate speaks to too much one-on-one play. That's fine when it's Aldridge, but no one else on this squad (so long as Brandon Roy is shelved) should be playing out of isolation. That also excepts Nicolas Batum, who can do no wrong.


Nuggets Vs. Suns: Carmelo Anthony Unleashes Fury On Sleepwalking Phoenix

Carmelo Anthony implores you to understand that he's not dead yet, and that so long as blood courses through his veins he shall score. And score he shall. 'Melo had 28 points in 32 minutes as the Denver Nuggets beat up on the Phoenix Suns 132-98 on Tuesday night.

Arron Afflalo likes to score, too, despite what you've heard; he added 31 to go with his nine rebounds. And that's what it's come to for the Suns: they were blown out by a Carmelo Anthony that has a foot or both out the door and Arron Afflalo. Phoenix's lack of defensive aptitude or commitment is stirring. It's almost performance art. (I should have saved that crack for the first game in the "In other action" section ...)

Steve Nash had 15 points and eight assists for the victims. Vince Carter had 15 points too, but needed almost twice as many shots (15) as Nash (8) to get there. The Suns shot 37 percent; the Nuggets shot 56 percent. Splish splash, and there you have it.

In other action:

Wizards 136, Kings 133 (OT): I could tell you that Nick Young scored a wonderful 43 points while never once smiling. Or that Beno Udrih looks positively Jerry Westian out there on the court. I could talk about DeMarcus Cousins' 4-19 night, or John Wall's 22 points and nine assists. No, no. I'm going to tell you that the Wizards were up just six points with three minutes left in regulation, turned the ball over six times in those three minutes ... and still won. It was as if the Wizards snatched Heaven from the gates of Hades.

Spurs 107, Wolves 96: Kevin Love had his sixth 20-point, 20-rebound game of the season, but Minnesota fell to the West-leading Spurs. Tony Parker had 12 points and 13 assists, and Manu Ginobili had 19 points, nine rebounds and six assists. Love is up to 25 consecutive double-doubles, and his rebound average is up to 15.8 per game. This line from Canis Hoopus' Stop-n-Pop, however, made me sad:

First, Jonny Flynn is clearly hurt.  This only adds to the pain involved with him not knowing how to play basketball.

Pacers 111, 76ers 103: Andre Iguodala played for the first time in eight game, starting and playing 33 minutes. It didn't go particularly well as the wing shot 0-5 for 1 point. He did, however, have seven assists and no turnovers. Danny Granger had 27 points, and Darren Collison had 21 points and 13 assists. The Pacers now lead the Sixers by three games in the loss column in the race for the No. 7 seed in the East.

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