The LeBron James Twitter Saga Comes Full Circle, Just Like Karma

It would be very, very easy to look at the Miami Heat's loss to the L.A. Clippers Wednesday night, snapping a 13-game win streak, and cryptically note, "Karma is a b****. God sees everything, LOL."

But rather mimic LeBron with those sort of vague, not-so-clever allusions to his obnoxious tweet, we'll just stick with the facts. 24 hours after his "wry smile" in the direction of Cleveland, 'Bron got his ass kicked in Los Angeles. But you know what's even better? Now he claims that he was never talking about Cleveland in the first place. Of course he wasn't!

Before we continue, let's put this on record: This is why people still hate LeBron.


Via the Baltimore Sun:

"I don't think it was no intent at all. I think everyone looks into everything I say. Everybody looked too far into it. It wasn't no intent at all. No hit toward that organization. I've moved on. Hopefully that organization has continued to move on. But I'm happy where I am as a Miami Heat player.

"It wasn't no hit at that franchise, no hit at that team, especially those players, at all."

So... As the entire sports world was gawking at the Cavs-Lakers score in Los Angeles, LeBron just happened to be tweeting about his Buddhist philosophies on life? Hmm. Maybe we're just all reading too much into what he says. "It wasn't no hit at the Cavs"?

Or maybe LeBron's just soft.

When he mocked the Cavs Tuesday night, I wasn't even that mad. If LeBron can embrace the villain role, it'd make sports more fun. My problem with LeBron is that he does it in the most passive aggressive way possible. If he'd openly made fun of Dan Gilbert Tuesday night, that would have been awesome. And totally justified. Instead, his taunt was just lame and annoying.

Whether it's his vague contraction fantasy or tweeting about the Cavs, he always leaves it to us to read between the lines. And then, when people have the gall to hold him accountable, he comes out and pretends he didn't know what contraction meant, and he wasn't talking about the Cavs.


It'd be really easy to take Wednesday's Heat loss as a sign that the world's cruelest mistress, karma, really is a b****. Everything comes full circle, ya know? But I'm not sure that's the point.

Listening to LeBron distance himself from what he said Tuesday, having watched him abuse his influence the past few months--only to backtrack whenever he says something controversial--it seems like the real b**** in this world is somebody else.

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