Blake Griffin's Career-High 47 Points Drives Clippers Announcers Insane

This morning we posted a video from a recent Clippers broadcast made for Blake Griffin, where he was playfully billed as the a combination of Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, Dennis Rodman, Dwight Howard, and LeBron James--among others. But this afternoon against the Pacers, the hyperbole didn't seem quite so ridiculous.

Which is to say, Blake Griffin scored a career-high 47 points, grabbed 14 rebounds, and Fox Sports announcers Ralph Lawler and Mike Smith said things like this:

"He's a much more polished player than we had a right to dream"

Only this time, they were dead serious.

"The MVP chants... It's not all that far-fetched."

After the jump, more announcing highlights from the Clippers broadcast of Griffin's insane afternoon in Los Angeles.

As the Clips game unfolded this afternoon, my colleague Mike Prada and I began taking notes on everything the Clippers announcers were saying about Griffin. Mind you, all of this came during the second half, after Griffin scored 28 points through the first two quarters, and everyone involved was understandably crazy. Like, even when Griffin didn't score:

Announcer #1: "Blake Griffin, having the game of his life."

[Griffin passes]

Announcer #2: "There's not a selfish bone in his body."

Or after Griffin altered an Indiana dunk attempt:

"The Clippers didn't know whether they were in a zone. Some were, some weren't. But Blake made up for it."

After a basket down low:

Announcer #1: "Look at this. LOOK AT THIS."

Announcer #2: "They do not have an answer for him."

Announcer #1: "...Ya think?"

After a blown call:

"He's so mature. He was talking to the bench instead of talking to the referee."

In between plays:

"As great as he's playing, he's not out there saying 'I gotta get mine.' He makes the proper basketball play every single time."

After (another) basket down low:

"They just... They cannot deal with this manchild out there."

After Griffin gets the ball on the wing:


[Griffin pauses, shoots]

[Off the glass, nothing but net]

After a particularly awesome sequence where Blake got his own rebound, then followed it with a score and the foul:

#1: "Oooooh baby! A motor unlike anybody else in basketball."

#2: "...And a quest for the ball!"

#1: "What a treasure."

After a missed shot:

"He finally missed something."

On Blake's fight against the Lakers in the final minutes, and playing 'till the whistle:

"Kobe Bryant understands that, and clearly, Blake Griffin understands that. That's pretty good company."

And if all it seems a little outrageous, then fine. But honestly, I don't blame the Clippers announcers. You watch Blake Griffin play, and this is what happens. It's unavoidable.

Take a step back, and yeah, maybe we should remember to keep this in perspective. But you know, if we're talking about Blake Griffin and "perspective", then just think about the graphic below, from the Clippers broadcast. Now, prepare for a whole lot more hyperbole over the next decade.


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