LeBron James Wants To Play In The NFL During The NBA Lockout?

For better or worse, when LeBron James tweets, the rest of the world listens. So on Tuesday, when he reached out to ESPN's John Clayton asking about NFL free agency, he successfully laid the groundwork for all kinds of talk about whether he might play in the NFL.


It's classic LeBron, isn't it? And worth mentioning because it perfectly epitomizes why LeBron's so obnoxious.

[Warning: This became more bitter than expected.]

All hype, creating a story where there isn't one, over-exposed to the point where every meaningless comment on Twitter is blown up in bold letters and discussed ad nasueam--no athlete personifies the current media landscape quite like LeBron James. Which is a long way of saying that no athlete personfies why the current media landscape is so insufferable quite like LeBron James.

Will he play in the NFL? Could he play in the NFL? Was he even serious?

None of it matters.

That stupid Twitter question is all the fodder necessary to get LeBron back in the headlines and have fans everywhere talking about LeBron James in the NFL and now I'm writing about LeBron too because I'm part of it and we're all part of it aren't we? Soon it'll be even worse and he'll be a trending topic and then he'll be a story on that stupid SportsCenter sidebar and then it'll get debated on NFL Live and then Maverick Carter will issue a statement to Chris Broussard saying "LeBron's not actually going to play in the NFL are you guys crazy" and then everyone writes about that and this is how things work in 2011 it's loud it makes no sense and it never stops. Bron fuels the machine better than anyone. Whether he's entirely complicit or not, it's what makes him so easy to despise in 2011.

On the other hand... LeBron is also quintessentially 2011 in that he's a freak of evolution and futuristic genetics so otherworldly, that you know, he could maybe possibly actually play pro football.

If he ever gives it a real shot, I bet he could do it. And it'd be the coolest sports story of the year, and we'd all have to rethink LeBron James, because hey, 2011 Finals or not, he's the only NBA player who joked about playing in the NFL and was then good enough to go out and do it.

And that would be AWESOME.

But he probably won't do it. It was just a funny tweet. Are you guys crazy?

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