#LockoutLife: Mr. World Peace Misses The NBA And Other Stuff, Too

You know what, screw it. We're just going to hand the floor to Ron Artest Metta World Peace. It all begins with these two tweets:

Can someone ask Herman Cain to bring some god father pizza to the meetings. Extra pork sausage on one,A side or parents fish and soy sauce! ... I bet if we bring god father pizza the deal gets done. Everyone goes back to work. Metta fouls out first game. Bill plaskche says i suck!!

And then the magic really begins.

  • "I miss the LA times telling me how sucky I am. That's the best. End the lock out."
  • "I miss jeff van gundy. The Malcolm X of announcers"
  • "I miss the dance teams cheering because they have too not necessarily because they want to."
  • "I miss Kobe taking shot after shot. Lmafo"

And there's so much more.

  • "I miss the unhealthy plane food."
  • "I miss staples low music in the arena."
  • "Lebron misses Cleveland."
  • "I miss locking down people."
  • "I miss zen phil not giving Luke and Adam morrison playing time!"
  • "I miss the bald headed Espn announcers."
  • "I miss the going bald TNT announcers."
  • "I miss the fans having a cold one a talking to me with the dragon breath."
  • "I miss going to some arenas and seeing like 5 black people!!"
  • "I miss Philly, Detroit and Boston fans. They craziest fans in the NBA. I be scared man!"
  • "I miss going to Philly n Kobe buying Philly steaks."
  • "I miss hitting one of the biggest shots in NBA history!!!!!!!!!!!"
  • "I miss sitting the bench because I messed up on defense or shot too much."
  • "I miss wearing my own sneaker company shoes and everyone else wearing other sneaker company shoes. I am the only player in the NBA who owns his own shoe company. Actually I own two sneaker companies!! I'm starting to sign players!!"
  • "I miss the supersonics"
  • "I miss Clyde fraziers lime green pig skin suites with orange slices throughout the linen and pitbull skit chin-klet-tas."
  • "I miss the fans in Asia buying my sneakers and telling me to sing micheal micheal!"
  • "I miss the refs running down the court like they have hot tomales in their pants.."
  • "I miss Charles Barkley commentating"
  • "I MISS ALL THE FANS!!!!! Without yal I can't buy my phantom! Without yal ,I'll be working in cotton fields making t shirts"
  • "I miss my championship ring I gave away. Ron Artest Jr is a dumb ass. That's why I changed my name"

Oh man... NBA or not, I had no idea how much I missed Ron Artest Mr. World Peace.


(Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

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