Ron Artest, Or Metta World Peace, Is Thankful For Everything Wonderful In Life

The Artist Formerly Known As Ron Artest, and currently known as Metta World Peace, is just a Twitter superstar. His timeline on this Thanksgiving Day is an absolute treat, filled with some of the off-the-wall things he's thankful for. And you know it isn't just family and friends and good times.

No, Mr. Peace is thankful for Kim Kardashian's backside, the friend who threw a drink on him and so much more. After the jump, his tweets, which are your mandatory Thanksgiving reading.

Remember, the string of tweets came just hours after this:

Oh I forgot I can't tweet for two months Ok I'm not tweeting anymore

He starts serious before getting into it and going off the rails:

I'm thankful for my fighting slaves and doctor Martin Luther king for enduring the pain to give me what I have today.

Moment of silence for my slaves who died in the struggle

I'm thankful for end of the holocaust. I'm thankful for pro world peace people.

I'm thankful for dysfunctional families working thru their differences to become a family. I'm thankful for strong women!!!

I'm thankful for

And we're off!

I'm thankful I held back the other day instead of whopping this guys ass for being disrespectful. Jesus was looking over him

I'm thanking for rapper Noyd and mobb deep

I'm thankful that mike Vick and Dashawn Jackson is back. The best duo.

I'm thankful for George Lopez,Jimmy Kimmel,Larry king,Nancy grace, Arsenio hall , pee wee Herman,Dennis Rodman , Luke Walton and Barney

I'm thankful for dc3,anyone agency ,Pali high school,san jose and Christopher Columbus

I'm thankful Donald trump has a two-pay because is only room for one more bald guy in america. I'm thankful Kim Khardashian's ass

I'm thankful for Jr Martinez , dasha, PETA,val,derek,lacy,Chaz,Carson, and all my homies from the hood . I bet the burning it down now

I'm thankful for the NBA. David stern can I borrow a dollar

I'm thankful that my dad laid the pipe down on my mom and had a son named Ron Artest Jr

I'm thankful for verizon not Att . I'm getting tired of my damn calls dropping

I'm thankful for Yo Gabba Gabba and the Jonas brothers and Justin Beiber. OMG imma huge fan. (in my groupie chic voice)

I'm thankful the lesbian female turkey I'm about to eat. I do not discriminate

I'm thankful for rapper Noyd to come out with a dope single .

When I make love I use autotune

I'm thankful for the Boston celtics .

Lol Don't kill me laker fans I just found out every turkey in the world was shipped from Boston Your r eating Celtic turkey Don't do it

I'm thankful for John green my buddy who thru beer on me in Detroit. He is coming over for thanksgiving today

My turkey is crossed dressed Yal should see this

I'm thankful for cheetos not hoes. I'm thankful fruit of the looms not hanes. I'm thankful for lane Bryant.

I'm thankful for the Minnesota twins. You girls did wonders I could never speak on

Today I will eat my turkey commando! Briefless Please do the same

All via his Twitter account.

Me? I'm thankful for Ron Artest, errr Metta World Peace's, Twitter account.

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