NBA Scores And More: Blake Griffin, Clippers Leave Knicks Fans Chanting For Carmelo Anthony

Griffin and the Clippers knocked off the Knicks in New York, throwing Mike D'Antoni into a tizzy and NYC fans into rapacious lust for (who else?) Carmelo Anthony. Meanwhile, 'Melo himself couldn't lead the Nuggets to a win over the Warriors and the Cavs lost their 26th straight.

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Clippers Vs. Knicks: Blake Griffin Leaves New York Doubting Itself As L.A. Wins

Blake Griffin scored 21 points as the L.A. Clippers knocked off the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden on Wednesday. Griffin scored eight in the first quarter as the Clippers held on despite explosions by Timofey Mozgov (12 points in the first) and Amar'e Stoudemire (seven). Mozgov eventually disappeared, but Griffin stayed steady to help pace the Clips.

Randy Foye added 24 points (17 in the fourth) on 8-15 shooting (including 4-7 on threes), and Baron Davis had 16 (inefficiently scored) points and 16 assists. Mozgov and the Clippers' DeAndre Jordan each went 8-9 from the floor; it was a match-up that had to be seen to be believed.

As it turns out, the Knicks aren't terribly better than the Clippers, despite the teams' very different records. The Knicks are completely average, and the Clippers just below average. Knicks coach Mike D'Antoni reportedly crushed his team in the locker room after the game, and also said some mean things about them in public. But a loss like this is no surprise; the Knicks don't defend well, and haven't all season. As it turns out, Mozgov is indeed big. But size doesn't equate to good defense. It helps, but it's no magic bullet.

Speaking of magic bullets, fans in MSG chanted "We want 'Melo!" That's all well and good, but the draft isn't until June, and I'm pretty sure Syracuse big man Fab Melo is going to wait another year before coming out.


Nuggets Vs. Warriors: Carmelo Anthony Outdueled By Monta Ellis In Golden State Victory

Carmelo Anthony scored 29 points, but Monta Ellis finished with 37 as the Golden State Warriors held off the Denver Nuggets 116-114 on Wednesday in Oakland. We've come to expect high-octane shoot-outs between these teams over the years, and this edition was no exception. The Warriors attempted 92 shots, 28 of which were three-pointers. Both team shot well from distance -- Golden State hit 14 of 28, and Denver sunk 10-24.

The difference, in the end, was the turnover battle. The Warriors are prone to turnovers (No. 21 in the league), but also cause them at a high rate (No. 4). That held true on Wednesday, as the Nuggets had 18 turnovers, uncharacteristic for a team No. 12 in turnover rate this season.

'Melo had four of those turnovers, as did the far less productive Kenyon Martin. J.R. Smith led a comeback charge in the fourth quarter, as the Nuggets trailed by eight midway through the fourth. Smith scored 11 points in the fourth without taking a single three-pointer; that tells you how respected the Golden State interior defense is. Nuggets coach George Karl didn't put 'Melo back in the game until less than five minutes remained; Denver made up four points once he did, but couldn't get close enough to win.

Ellis shot 10-15 in the first half, and 6-15 in the second. As a team the Warriors shot just 6-18 in the fourth as the Nuggets clawed back into the game.


Bulls Vs. Jazz: Derrick Rose, Chicago Defense Knock Off Utah

The Chicago Bulls quelled some worry from fans with a solid 91-85 win over the Utah Jazz in Salt Lake on Wednesday. Derrick Rose scored 29 points (though he needed 26 field goals and five free throws to get there) and the Bulls' defense held Utah to 86 points in an 89-possession game.

The Bulls actually shot much more than the Jazz -- Utah had an effective field goal percentage of .481, and the Bulls trailed at .428. But Chicago limited turnovers extraordinarily well (just eight all game) and shot much better from the line in a similar number of attempts (20-26 for Chicago, 11-21 for Utah).

Deron Williams scored just 11 points in 40 minutes for Utah. He took just 13 shots (half as many as Rose despite playing longer), but controlled plenty of possessions with 12 assists and five turnovers. Utah's big men Al Jefferson (26 points) and Paul Millsap (20 points) led the way for the home team, but it wasn't enough to overcome Rose, the Bulls' defense and Utah's own turnover problems.


Pistons Vs. Cavaliers: Cleveland Continues Its Ignominious Run, Loses 26th In A Row

The Cleveland Cavaliers lost again, as the chuckle of a website would tell you. The Cavs lost for the 26th straight time that they have suited up, tying the American major pro sports record, held by the Tampa Bay Bucs. We are running out of records to break here. Soon we will have to say, "The Cavs are so bad." There will be no qualifying clause. They are just bad. Dreadful, really.

Twenty-six games is more than 30 percent of an NBA season. And it isn't like the Cavs would good before the streak. They were 8-19. The Clippers visit Cleveland on Friday, and the wonderful showdown between the Cavs and the visiting Wizards (0-25 on the road) is set for Sunday.

In other action:

Pacers 104, Bobcats 103: Roy Hibbert is a monster again, which really makes you wonder what on Earth Jim O'Brien was doing to the kid. Hibbert had 29 points and 10 rebounds in the Pacers' win. There was a bit of controversy on the Bobcats' side; Stephen Jackson felt he was fouled (surprise!) on the last-second desperation three. I, for one, have never seen a ref call a foul on a desperation three from beyond, say, 25 feet. It would have to be pretty close to murder for a ref to make a game-deciding call like that.

Magic 99, 76ers 95: Philadelphia nearly got a huge home win, the kind that makes a season or at least a month, but Dwight Howard was too much. The All-Star went 8-13 from the floor and 14-19 from the line to ring up 30, and he had 17 rebounds, too. Lou Williams scored 18 points in the fourth in the comeback win, but the Magic held on.

Spurs 111, Raptors 100: DeJuan Blair, step right up! It was the second-year forward's turn for a gas on Wednesday, as Blair delivered 28 points and 11 rebounds. Tim Duncan only had to play 25 minutes. What a life!

Wizards 100, Bucks 85: The Washington Wizards ... still pretty good at home! Beating the Bucks is no great feat right now, but beating them by 15 counts as a serious victory. Nick Young scored 26 points on 10-19 shooting. JaVale McGee had 16 points, 17 rebounds and three blocks.

Nets 103, Hornets 100: Sasha Vujacic killed the Hornets with 25 points off the bench as New Orleans continues to careen through February. The Hornets have lost four straight and six of seven. Hopes of the No. 2 or No. 3 seed have all but drifted away, and they could fall as far as No. 7 (and a likely first-round matchup with the Lakers) if things don't fall right.

Mavericks 102, Kings 100: The Kings have been losing close games all season, something that young teams tend to do. This was no exception. Sacramento had a one-point lead inside of three minutes remaining, but Jose Barea was unstoppable in the fourth quarter (15, and 20 for the game). DeMarcus Cousins had 19 points and 15 rebounds for the Kings. The Mavs have won 10 straight.

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