The Prokhorov Comments On The Knicks Acquisition Of Carmelo Anthony



See the Prokhorov happiness? This picture, I take it to record happy face. It have all things Prokhorov love. Men as tall as the Prokhorov. The sporting things. Most perfect clothing in the Adidas trackpants. Of course, the Prokhorov. This picture does not complete make. No lucrative lead mines. No supermodels. However it is close to happy. Thus The Prokhorov smiles.

Today the Prokhorov laughs not. Pouts on yacht.

All day spent with Ludmyila and Irina asking for happy. We fly to Paris and buy clothing. It does not satisfy. We fly to Rwanda, put this clothing on mountain ape. Still there is no happy. We take mountain apes in expense clothing to Monte Carlo. Place them in race cars. Drink champagne in VIP box. Watch Louis Vuitton gorilla crash car. There is fire, the apes, the Chanel, the fire ape attack the track men.


Normally this pleases the Prokhorov! Like fat baby he would clap and smile. No smiles today no matter how hard mountain ape hits tiny underling. Myelo is in New York with Isyayah and Dolan and not with Prokhorov. The nice things he will not share with Myelo. Isyayah has no copper mines to fill with cognac in Byelorussia just for Myelo. He has not the dirigible shaped like hippo for delight of children and hippo enthusiast to give to Myelo. Isyayah never will celebrate Meylo day of birth with autograph from The Putin on jacket made from human skin. These things, he cannot give you.

The Prokhorov is grown man. He accepts this. Last night the Prokhorov watch television. The show named Martin. This is greatest show ever made. Gina deal with crazy Martin like saint deal with tribulations--like the Prokhorov deal with you and evil slime agent! Effort the Prokhorov make to not give uranium poison to him would kill small men. Prokhorov is not small man. This reason for huge bed and blanket of eight beautiful ladies at all times for the sleep.

He accept things like Gina and hope for better time. The Prokhorov knows he could destroy Isyayah but some men do it to self and he is one. Then you like Martin come back to The Prokhorov. Mistakes every man makes. The Prokhorov forgives. Life is beach party and surf is up. Crying fills ocean. You ride wave. This is why ocean is salty and women are necessary and cry all the times. The Prokhorov understands much, Myelo.


Let the Prokhorov finish. Conclusion. Parable of bear and the cheese. Deep in Ural Mountains there is bear. Villagers fear him. Leave cheese for him on doors. This is hard, because village has little food because they are not rich like The Prokhorov.

At night, they hear him. Morning, cheese is gone. 

One day young boy decides to find bear. This boy travels far into woods. He find bear cave full of cheese and bear asleep. He come home and say, "Papa, the bear sits on mountain of cheese. He has all the food he need." Papa and son nod. They have idea.

Next day, bear is sleeping. Something wake him. Villagers all stand in fuzzy ears and bear mask. They make bear noise. Bear is angry. He get up. Bear eat all village, then sleep on pile of bones and cheese.

This teaches important lesson, Myelo. Poor people are not smart. Also, do not think you are bear when really you are man in bear suit. Finally, cheese is ruin. Bad milk causing trouble all the time. Avoid it.

I hope you learn lesson of bear and cheese, Myelo. Sad is The Prokhorov. Must now go to watch The Farmer Jordan and The Outlaw Travis play without Myelo. An ocean of tears stand before The Prokhorov. But he has yacht. Stay dry. Think about writing book about importance of Gina from great television series Martin as role model for young persons.  Some see rain. I see river to float to better place of luxury and beach party and the good sport. 



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