Gerald Wallace Traded To Blazers For Joel Przybilla, Picks

Gerald Wallace is on his way to the Portland Trail Blazers after a last-minute deal with the Charlotte Bobcats was reached.

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Draft Picks Sent To Bobcats In Gerald Wallace Trade Land In 2011, 2013

Gerald Wallace was traded to the Portland Trail Blazers on Thursday. The Charlotte Bobcats took back Joel Przybilla, Sean Marks and Dante Cunningham, but the most important assets (other than cap relief) were two first-round picks from Portland. The Blazers announced late Thursday that the picks will be the first-round selection Portland had picked up from the New Orleans Hornets in the Jerryd Bayless trade, and a conditional Blazers pick in 2013.

The trade gives the Bobcats trade options involving their picks going forward. Charlotte traded its 2012 first-round pick to the Chicago Bulls in the Tyrus Thomas deal a year ago, which would prevent the Bobcats from trading their own 2011 or 2013 picks. But having the rights to extra picks in each year allows the Bobcats to deal their own picks or the newly acquired ones in either year, avoiding limintations caused by the so-called Stepien rule.

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Gerald Wallace Traded To Blazers For Joel Przybilla, Picks

Gerald Wallace has been traded to the Portland Trail Blazers, reports Yahoo!'s Adrian Wojnarowski. The deal broke just after the NBA trade deadline at 3 PM Eastern. Wallace had been tied to Portland much of the final week before the deadline, but rumors suggested the deal had died Thursday morning due to the Charlotte Bobcats requesting Nicolas Batum in the deal.

Wojnarowski reports that Charlotte would receive Joel Przybilla and a second-round pick in the deal. Ken Berger of reported that it was actually two first-round picks headed to Charlotte, in addition to Przybilla. Przybilla's contract expires at season's end, while Wallace is due $21 million over the next two seasons. The Bobcats were involved in a deal sending center Nazr Mohammed to the Oklahoma City Thunder, as well, meaning Przybilla may not be a buyout option, unless Boris Diaw wants to play center.

Wallace will likely play power forward in Portland with LaMarcus Aldridge moving up to center at times. The Blazers have Brandon Roy and Wesley Matthews at shooting guard and Nicolas Batum at small forward.

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Gerald Wallace Trade To Blazers Died When Bobcats Asked For Nicolas Batum, According To Report

As of Wednesday afternoon, it looked like Gerald Wallace was well on his way to the Portland Trail Blazers in a trade. As of Wednesday night, the talks were dead. What happened to cause the talks to die? Were they even significant to begin with?

One report indicates that they died when the Bobcats tried to up the price for Wallace. Charlotte asked for small forward Nicolas Batum, who the Blazers have indicated is untouchable, and the Blazers predictably balked, according to ESPN's Marc Stein.

One source says CHA insistence on Batum stalled GWallace-to-Portland talks. Blazers been telling teams all year that Batum CAN'T be had    

Charlotte asking for Batum is understandable, in the sense that the other trade proposal involved them getting little value in return for a player who made the All-Star team last year. But if Portland was telling everyone that Batum cannot be had, asking for him seems like a waste of time. If this report is true, it may have driven Portland away from the table.


Gerald Wallace Trade To Blazers Dead After Bobcats Back Out, According To Report

Gerald Wallace appeared to be on his way to the Portland Trail Blazers on Wednesday, but it now appears that talks are cooling and no deal will take place. In fact, according to a report by Rick Bonnell of the Charlotte Observer, the talks are officially dead.

Reports yesterday indicated the Blazers were going to trade either Joel Przybilla and/or point guard Andre Miller, as well as draft picks and cash, to the Bobcats for Wallace. The move would have given Portland an upgrade as it pushes for the playoffs, while Charlotte would have saved long-term payroll and gotten out of the final two years and $21 million of Wallace's contract. However, according to Bonnell, the talks happened much earlier in the season.

The internet was abuzz Wednesday with rumors Wallace was about to be moved to Portland, before Thursday's trade deadline. This much is true: The Bobcats approached the Blazers as far back as December, to inquire about their interest in Wallace. The Blazers showed enough interest to do research on Wallace's personality and health.

However, other reports indicated the Bobcats backed out yesterday, with Michael Jordan himself getting "cold feet" according to Yahoo! Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski. If so, this wouldn't be the first time. The Bobcats had a deal in place last summer to move forward Boris Diaw to the Raptors for point guard Jose Calderon, but Jordan backed out of it at the last minute.


Gerald Wallace Trade To Portland Trail Blazers May Be For Andre Miller, According To Report

It appears that Gerald Wallace is headed to the Portland Trail Blazers, but the deal is not done yet and it remains unclear who the Charlotte Bobcats are receiving in return. One report indicated that the trade is centered around Joel Przybilla and his expiring contract, but another report by CBS Sports' Ken Berger indicates the package is centered around point guard Andre Miller instead.

Package for Wallace believed to be centered around Andre Miller. Marcus Camby was discussed, but he might retire rather than report to Char.    

In either example, more players will need to be added to the trade package to match Wallace' salary.

Miller averages 13.2 points and 7.4 assists as the Blazers' starting point guard, but has been a bad fit since signing a three-year, $21 million contract in 2009. He technically has one year remaining on that contract, but it is fully unguaranteed if he is waived before June 29, 2011.

Therefore, the trade is about trimming payroll for the Bobcats, regardless of which players end up coming back. Wallace has two years and $21 million remaining on his contract.


Gerald Wallace Traded To Blazers, According To Report

As several Western Conference teams have grown weaker at the NBA Trade Deadline, the Portland Trail Blazers have decided to make a move. The Blazers are reportedly closing in on a deal to acquire forward Gerald Wallace from the Charlotte Bobcatsaccording to Portland-area reporter Dwight Jaynes

It is not yet clear which players the Blazers will receive in return, but Jaynes reports that the Blazers will likely send back Joel Przybilla, draft picks and cash, though other pieces will have to be involved to make the trade legal. That other player will not be incumbent small forward Nicolas Batum, according to Jaynes.

The 28-year old Wallace has two years and $21 million remaining on his contract, but was an all-star last season and is averaging nearly 16 points and over eight rebounds a game this season.

The Blazers would seem to be an odd fit for Wallace, given that he plays the same position as Batum, but the hope would likely be that Wallace can play some power forward in smaller lineups. Wallace could also improve their perimeter defense and provide a slasher that gets into the paint for easy baskets. However, his shot attempts at the rim have fallen dramatically this season

Przybilla has an expiring contract that would give Charlotte more payroll flexibility, but another piece likely has to be thrown in to make the salaries match.

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