The One Where Timofey Mozgov Blogs About Getting Married In Vegas

We've already established that Timofey Mozgov is the future of the Denver Nuggets and keeper of the finest Russian basketball blog in the NBA, but he's more than just an athlete/icon. He's also a new husband. And if you're hoping that Mozgov blogged about his recent wedding in Las Vegas, then you're in luck!

He did (in Russian), and he even included pictures:



"Wait, did he get married in a tracksuit?"

He did! Some translated Mozgov thoughts after the jump.

Alexander Chernykh translates Mozgov's blog at Rush'n Hoops, and as usual, keep in mind that when Mozgov writes three parentheses like this ")))", it's to be read as smiley face. )))

You are waiting for my impressions from the All-Star Weekend in Los-Angeles. I understand that. But to tell the truth, at that same time I had my own no less fabulous weekend in Vegas – me and Alla… got married!!! )))

We didn’t make a secret of our plans, but didn’t want to spread the news either. So right now you will be among the first to learn about it. It looks like this blog post is a real media excusive))) So, I’ll share my impressions with you.

I’ll tell you right away: it turned out to be really fun! Because it was spontaneous. Now, of course we were going to Vegas with a goal set)) I proposed to Alla about a month and a half ago. At home, but in a very romantic setting. So, the way it has to be done)))

If all this doesn't make you sorta love Timofey Mozgov, then I'm not sure I want to know you. Look at the picture above one more time. He got married in a tracksuit!

iterally abandoning everything, we jumped into the limo dressed right as we were. Me – in a tracksuit, which I was wearing to look around the city. Alla – not in a white dress either )))

[...] We wanted to spend a weekend together, just two of us. So people who knew about the wedding were only the closest friends – parents and a few friends. Of course, during the off-season we are going to bring together all of our dear guests in Russia. We really want to party and celebrate this event the way it should be done. Only we don’t know where exactly. Alla’s friends and relatives live in Moscow, and my parents in Krasnodar. So we’re thinking about it!

Just when Charlie Sheen and Carmelo Anthony had robbed you of all faith in humanity... Here's Timofey Mozgov  getting married to a Russian sweetheart in Vegas, in a tracksuit, with a Chris Bosh look-a-like, and generally being the most lovable player in the NBA.


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