DeMarcus Cousins, Turnover Machine

DeMarcus Cousins has committed 47 turnovers in his last 10 games. That encompasses 293 minutes of action for the woeful Sacramento Kings, and includes a stirring eight-turnover, 25-minute night against the Chicago Bulls on Monday. As our Rohan Cruyff wrote on Monday, Cousins is not very efficient right now.

And while I (obviously) agree that the Kings have done a lousy job setting the rookie up for success, and while I have incredible hope for Cousins' future, there's still no escaping the amazing wonderment that comes with appreciating just how frequently Cousins makes an awful play.

With that said, here is a list of 24 players who have seen at least 1,000 minutes of play this season and have committed no more than 47 turnovers all year.

Ronnie Brewer: 1552 min., 47 turnovers
Nenad Krstic: 1,355 min., 43 turnovers
Sam Young: 1,300 min., 46 turnovers
Nick Collison: 1,280 min., 43 turnovers
Dante Cunningham: 1,267 min., 41 turnovers
Joel Anthony: 1,261 min., 30 turnovers
James Jones: 1,247 min., 16 turnovers
Ben Wallace: 1,230 min., 44 turnovers
Keith Bogans: 1,217 min., 33 turnovers
Carlos Delfino: 1,205 min., 47 turnovers
Ed Davis: 1,200 min., 30 turnovers
Matt Bonner: 1,167 min., 22 turnovers
Ryan Anderson: 1,160 min., 41 turnovers
Brendan Haywood: 1,140 min., 44 turnovers
Maurice Evans: 1,121 min., 22 turnovers
Brandon Roy: 1,093 min., 41 turnovers
Mickael Pietrus: 1,092 min., 39 turnovers
Francisco Garcia: 1,075 min., 35 turnovers
DeShawn Stevenson: 1,074 min., 42 turnovers
Shawne Williams: 1,058 min., 36 turnovers
Zydrunas Ilgauskas: 1,034 min., 46 turnovers
Kurt Thomas: 1,025 min., 38 turnovers
Anthony Tolliver: 1,017 min., 42 turnovers
Ronny Turiaf: 1,013 min., 36 turnovers


As you may notice, there are a lot of defenders and roleplayers on that list. That speaks to the position the Kings have put Cousins in: a 20-year-old big man being asked to essentially run a crummy team, at least since 21-year-old guard Tyreke Evans has been out. I venture to say that if any of the big men on the list above were asked to run their team's offense, they'd have numbers closer to Cousins'.

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