NBA Awards: LeBron, Wolves Take WTF Play Of Year; Aaron Brooks Wins Worst Contract Year

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Aaron Brooks Has NBA's Worst Contract Year has named Aaron Brooks the player with the Worst Contract Year Performance in 2010-11. Brooks, who will be a restricted free agent at season's end, suffered great humiliation and value degradation as a member of the Houston Rockets and Phoenix Suns this season.

Brooks entered the season a valued up-tempo point guard with a skill for hitting three-pointers and one of the quickest first steps in basketball. He ends the season known more as a malcontent prone to long periods of inefficiency (also known as "streakiness) and a defensive minus, even by the standards of the Suns. Brooks suffered a derailing injury early in the season, which allowed Houston coach Rick Adelman to hand the keys to Kyle Lowry.

When Brooks returned and Lowry remained the first option, A.B. responded poorly, even getting suspended by the Rockets for leaving the court during a game. He was later traded to Phoenix for Goran Dragic and a first-round pick. Barring major changes to the league's collective bargaining agreement, it seems likely Brooks will sign the Suns' cheap $3 million qualifying offer and try again next year. (Lowry signed a $23 million extension last summer, by the way.)

Troy Murphy, Jeff Green, Carl Landry, Jamal Crawford and Greg Oden were finalists for this award.


LeBron James, Lazy Wolves Share NBA WTF Play Of The Year Award

After some 4,300 votes, LeBron James, Chris Bosh and the lazy Minnesota Timberwolves have won's 2010-11 NBA WTF Play Of The Year Award, originally nominated by Mark Deeks of

This bizarre play earned 24 percent of the vote, making a late push to beat Rudy Fernandez's Benny Hill fast break, which lost by just 49 votes. There's some great symmerty here in LeBron's win, though. This award, after all, was inspired by the WTF Play Of the Decade from Zach Randolph, a clip that no longer exists in good quality on YouTube. (There's a grainy black and white parody that doesn't do its beauty justice.) In said play, Z-Bo almost loses the ball on a crossover, gets it back and jacks an airball three. Isiah Thomas' reaction is similar to Kurt Rambis' above.

Kudos to all of the contenders, and stay tuned for a special award for a play that missed the nomination period.

Continue NBA Awards: Gilbert Arenas, DeMarcus Cousins Lead Brick Squad Honors

The NBA MVP Award race has gotten so unproductively heated that we at are rolling out our own special awards for the 2010-11 season. We begin today and will let them trickle out as the week moves along.

The Brick Squad honors those NBA players with a desire to shoot but little current ability to do so. We took a player from each position with the lowest effective field goal percentage; qualifying for the scoring title is the minimum shots and minutes standard. (And yes, we know most teams have two games left. You think 90 percent of the NBA's real awards voters haven't already faxed in their answers?)

Here is the Brick Squad first team:

Only one of these players takes a huge share of his team's shots, and you can guess who: Cousins, who has been laying bricks from October to April, with no hesitation. Watson is Chicago's bad shooter off the bench, and Arenas plays a similar role. Smith is both lightly used and reluctant to shoot. Outlaw is the only member of this list who signed a $35 million contract as a free agent last year, largely based on his ability to (you guessed it) shoot.

Here's the Brick Squad second team. Better luck next season, fellas.

That's right: Glen Davis is among the least efficient shooters in basketball. He also happens to be the only vital cog for a championship contender on either Brick Squad. (Watson likely won't play much in vital Bulls' playoff games.) Joining him on the second team are another Nets free agent pickup (Petro), a couple more rookies (Turner and Aminu) and Jack, who caught New Orleans' contagious brick-a-brac virus, probably from Jason Smith.

Stay tuned for more awards this week.

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