#NBAFrank: Ranking Every NBA Frank

SBNation.com is ranking every NBA player or head coach with Frank somewhere in their name -- from 30 to 1.

What is #NBAFrank?

#NBAFrank is a Twitter hashtag you can use if you want to get involved in the frank discussion.

Let's begin.

30. Frankie Baumholtz.

29. Nat Frankel.

28. Frank Gates.

27. Frank Kendrick.

26. Frank Mangiapane.

25. Frank Radovich.

24. Frank Reddout.

23. Frank Russell.

22. Frank Schade.

21. Frankie Sanders.

20. Frank Oleynick.

19. Frank Kudelka.

18. Frankie King.

17. Frank Kornet.

16. William Franklin.

15. Tellis Frank.

14. Franklin Edwards.

13. Frank Card.

12. Frank Hamblen.

11. Frank Fucarino: Only played a year in the BAA before getting seduced by a life of crime, where he achieved infamy as Frankie "Fingers" Fucarino, one of the most brutal enforcers the New York City mafia has ever seen.  - Andrew Sharp

10. Frank Vogel: He looks young enough to play, so you're basically getting someone who can both play and coach. - Mike Prada

9. Frank Layden: All we did was draft John Stockton and Karl Malone. What did Lawrence Frank do, other than fill up some Gatorade bottles? - Prada

8. Lawrence Frank: Or as the incomparable Brook Lopez would say in a voice awful similar to that of a deaf elephant, "LAWRENCE FRANK?!" - Ziller


6. Frank Johnson: He was a lottery pick out of Wake Forest, he averaged 12.5 ppg and 8 assists for the 1982 Washington Bullets, and he'll forever have a place in NBA history as the guy that got fired and replaced by Mike D'Antoni, paving the way for Seven Seconds or Less. - Sharp

5. Frankie Brian: The only man to make the All-Star team as a member of the Anderson Packers AND the Tri-City Blackhawks. (Note: that might not be true.) Two-time top scorer for the Ft. Wayne Pistons. Nicknamed Flash. Dwyane Wade is such a thief. - Ziller

4. Frank McGuire: The man who caused Wilt Chamberlain to score 100 points and gave him the ball at every opportunity, also causing Wilt to hate every subsequent coach he had. - Prada

3. Frank Selvy: The 1960s version of Eric Snow, except with a jumper. Blew the Lakers' best chance of beating the Celtics by missing a wide open jumper. Holds the single-game college scoring record, which basically makes him as good as Wilt Chamberlain. - Prada

2. Frank Ramsey: Hall of Famer! Seven titles with the Russell-Red Celtics, considered a strong defender. Only played 25 minutes a game, though; no modern player would ever get into the Hall of Fame on 25 minutes a game, even if they won all of the championships. Extra Frank swag here. - Ziller

1. Frank Brickowski: Might have the best "awkward white guy" name in NBA history. "Frank Brickowski" sounds like a nickname that you'd give to the worst player in a pickup game. Also, he played 16 years in the NBA and averaged 10 ppg for his career. All together, we're talking about the most dynamic Frank of all time. - Sharp


Wink wink. And special thanks to B-Ref.

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