The Kevin Durant Movie Sounds Like Part Space Jam, Part Little Big League, And All Blockbuster

Remember when we found out that Kevin Durant was teaming up with Warner Bros. to star in a new movie? Well, good news! Now we've got a brief synopsis of the plot. Via CBS Sports, a casting site describes the plot:

"In a magical twist, Kevin Durant switches all of his basketball-playing skills with an enthusiastic young fan who becomes the star of his high school team… and leaving Durant and the Thunder helpless. With the playoffs approaching, they need to discover what it is that brought them together before the early end to the Thunder’s season."

The movie's called "Switch", and as you can see, they're remixing a few formulas here.

1. The NBA superstar has his skills stolen (Space Jam), 2. the young fan magically becomes unstoppable (Little Big League), 3. but he plays for his high school (Teen Wolf) instead of the Chicago Cubs, and 4. he needs to work with Kevin Durant to find out why this happened (maybe Trading Places, where David Stern and Clay Bennett are the Duke brothers).

Throw in the director's history in Hollywood (Malibu's Most Wanted) and we're pretty much guaranteed to get one of the most indelible athlete acting efforts of the blog era. It might just be the best thing we've seen since Space Jam, and on potential alone, that means we should all see it.

But just for the record, it would've been a lot funnier if KD had randomly shown up in this French movie--also called Switch--that was released earlier this summer:  

July 2010, Montreal, Canada. Sophie Malaterre, 25 years old, fashion designer, is not looking forward to the summer holidays. No projects, no friends, no boyfriend. Someone tells her about the website that allows people to switch houses with someone else for a month. Sophie finds, by chance, a duplex in Paris, with view of the Eiffel Tower. Her first day there is idyllic. The next morning, she is woken up by the cops. A decapitated body is in the room next door. She has no way of proving that she isn't Bénédicte Serteaux, the owner of the duplex. The trap closes in on her. She hasn't only changed apartments: she's changed bodies and destinies...


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