The Game Is The Game, And Yes, Carmelo Anthony Got Robbed At His Charity Game


Remember that mind dream pickup game in Baltimore last week? The one with Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul, and LeBron James battling it out with Kevin Durant? Well, it was every bit as cool as it sounds. But it was still in Baltimore, so honestly, I'd be more surprised if one of the players didn't get robbed at the charity game. From the New York Post (via Ball Don't Lie):

Anthony’s two cellphones were stolen by an unidentified attendee after the competition. "Fans bum-rushed the court to get close to the guys after the game," a source told Page Six. "Carmelo’s phones were stolen during all of the chaos." Fans on Twitter caught wind of the missing phones and tweeted to help him find them.

After the jump, some commentary on this story from our old friend, Fake Scoop.


That's cold, B-More.

It's damn near Antarctica out in Baltimore. The freaks come out at night, but The Streets come out anywhere, anytime. My main man 'Melo had two cell phones for a reason. In case one got stolen at a charity basketball game? No sir. A man like 'Melo has a lot of business to juggle.

You know it's hard out here for a pimp. Hard for a Knick, too. Gotta hustle and flow, baby.

Hustle. And. Flow.

But here goes his hometown knockin' the hustle, playin' on other people's phones. When keeping it real went wrong this time, it was Melo on the other line. Carmelo thought he was different. Thought he was special. Thought the streets couldn't touch him. That's where he was wrong. 

Baltimore had to remind that player what the game is. It doesn't matter what your name is. No rhyme. No reason. Ain't no love in the heart of the city. Ice cold. No mercy. Short sentences for emphasis.

The worst part? What's done is done. What's gone is gone. Doesn't matter who took it. You can scream out, but the streets won't listen. Remember no snitchin?

Careful what you wish for, player.


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