NBA scores: Grizzlies make another statement, Clippers beat Heat


In a boisterous and blustery night in the NBA, Memphis beat the Thunder in OKC by double digits, the Clippers continued their defensive rise in a win over the Heat and Jeff Green ended worlds with a mammoth dunk.

Grizzlies 107, Thunder 97
We've had about three statement wins from Memphis this young season, but this might be the best of all given the relationship between the clubs and the fact that it came in Oklahoma City, a really difficult place to win. OKC won the first quarter by 10, but Memphis took the second quarter 36-15. Rudy Gay basically played up to Kevin Durant's level, and Memphis' frontcourt was far stronger than OKC's. Russell Westbrook had a particularly rough night opposite Mike Conley, scoring 17 points on 21 shooting possessions. Memphis is 6-1, with the third best record in the NBA.

Clippers 107, Heat 100
The biggest question surrounding the Clippers entering this season was whether they could cobble together a passable defense, one that would finish in the top half of the league. Currently, L.A.'s defense is ranked No. 10. On Wednesday night, they held Miami to 100 points on 98 possessions, which is something the 2011-12 version of this club seemed absolutely incapable of doing. LeBron James got his (30 points, seven assists) but Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade were ineffective (a combined 5-23) and L.A.'s balanced attack won out. Great start to the season for the Clippers.

Celtics 98, Jazz 93
This was a big win for Boston, but I'll understand if all you want to talk about is Jeff Green's apocalyptic dunk on Al Jefferson. It's okay.

Bucks 99, Pacers 85
The Pacers' nightmarish offense continues to smolder. Meanwhile, the Bucks are thriving with Monta Ellis. Is this real?

Rockets 100, Hornets 96
No, I am not going to try to explain Greivis Vasquez. Twenty-four points and 9 assists, and a serious propensity to be really good or really not good any given night. James Harden led Houston's way with 30 points on 25 shooting possessions.

Warriors 92, Hawks 88
Harrison Barnes led the Warriors in points (19) and rebounds (13) in the win, and the Hawks are just not very good with Al Horford, it seems. (Horford was sick.)

Bobcats 89, Timberwolves 87
I don't know what the fungus they did to Kemba Walker over the summer, but kudos to them, whoever they are. The young lion is averaging 19 and five and is the major reason the Bobcats are ... 4-3. Above .500. WHOA.

Pistons 94, Sixers 76
Greg Monroe has had enough of this shortbread. Nineteen points, 18 rebounds and the first win of the season for Detroit. Statement. Game.

Mavericks 107, Wizards 101
Sadly, Les Wizards could not join their Pistonii brethren in the winner's circle on Wednesday. O.J. Mayo is a little ridiculous. He had 25 on 9-15 shooting, and is averaging just under 22 per game on the young season.

Bulls 112, Suns 106 (OT)
It's hard to drop 106 on the Bulls, but Chicago actually did keep Phoenix's better-than-average offense under 1 point per possession. Note that because of offensive rebounds and few fouls drawn, the Suns got off 105 field goal attempts in 53 minutes, or darn near two per minute. And no, Michael Beasley did not take 30 of them.

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