The List: What's in your favorite NBA player's backpack?


Where Amazing happens in every player's backpack.

When Nike finally told the world what's in Kevin Durant's backpack this week, it got us thinking: What's in all the other NBA backpacks? With the help of Spencer Hall, Tom Ziller, Jon Bois, and Bill Hanstock, we took a look around the league and made some educated guesses.

Every NBA player: pair of $300 Beats By Dre headphones, backup pair of $300 Beats by Dre headphones

Zach Randolph: copy of The Cloud Atlas, gun.

Ray Allen: slam poetry, hate mail from Bill Simmons, V for Vendetta mask, Bisquick

Grant Hill: Jock Jamz on MiniDisc, Christmas sweaters

Nikola Pekovic: the Saw collection on Blu-ray, the Anarchist Cookbook, a Slipknot mask

Russell Westbrook: firecrackers, five pairs of hornrims, marching band

Jason Kidd: Centrum Silver, Geritol, Ben Gay, hemorrhoid donut

Andrew Bynum: afro pick, Blacula costume, treasure map, assortment of fake mustaches

Earl Boykins: can of spinach, tobacco pipe, resentment

J.J. Redick: a bottle of Ether, a rag, an iPod filled with the Beastie Boys early catalog, Axe body spray.

Jimmer Fredette: carton of milk, unsalted saltines, Rosemary Clooney CD

Chris Andersen: [REDACTED]

Dwight Howard: just a bag of farts

J.R. Smith: rap video model

Nick Young: $15,000 in singles, six pairs Gucci sunglasses

Chris Kaman: dead animals

Mike Brown: sadness

Charles Barkley: thin layer of Weight Watcher's frozen meals on top, five orders of Doritos Locos tacos nachos beneath

Metta World Peace: Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Lifetime movie scripts, Master P sneakers

Andrew Bogut: bottle of Vitaminwater, live platypus

John Wall: vodka and Ambien

Joakim Noah: a $2.3 million Basquiat jammed into it like a cheap roadmap

Darko Milicic: eight neatly organized cartons of Marlboro Reds, gun

Vince Carter: occasionally his face when he muffles his anguished screams

Andray Blatche: A copy of Breaks of the Game, hollowed out to hide weed

Andre Miller: 10 year-old hair clippers (unused)

DeMarcus Cousins: three passports in different names, assortment of standby one-way plane tickets, cyanide capsule, brass knuckles

Spencer Hawes: recently-purchased gold coins, unopened copy of Atlas Shrugged, one-way ticket to Canada

Paul Allen: a nuclear submarine

Eddy Curry: family-size Stouffers macaroni and cheese, gallon of Ben & Jerry's Super Fudge Chunk

Dirk Nowitzki: that German shooting coach you always hear about

Hedo Turkoglu: three large pizzas

Chris Bosh: massive bag of weed, "cat in the hat" hat

Amare Stoudemire: truss, back brace, ace bandages, splint, sling, neck halo, and $4,000 sunglasses

Gerald Wallace: a furious Mountain Lion

Mario Chalmers: 50 signed photos of himself

Stephen Jackson: nuclear launch codes (updated thrice daily), crawfish, pistol

Kevin Garnett: a set of knives, bloody clothing, and a blowtorch

Kobe Bryant: a set of knives, bloody clothing, and steroids

Shaq: a whoopee cushion and 5 paternity suits

Rasheed Wallace: Infinite Jest, half-empty pack of black and milds, directions to Tim Donaghy's home.

LeBron James: Illuminati manuscripts, 50 signed photos of himself


Christian Petersen/Getty Images

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