NBA scores: Jeremy Lin's Rockets destroy Knicks, Grizzlies down Lakers

Scott Halleran

James Harden went nuts on the Knicks in a big Rockets win, and the starry-eyed Grizzlies handed the Lakers another loss on a busy Friday in the NBA.

Rockets 131, Knicks 103
It appears that James Harden and the Rockets read enough of those "good riddance to Jeremy Lin" columns. Houston handed New York a vicious beating, with Harden popping off for 33 points on 23 shooting possessions and nine assists. Houston shot 52 percent from the floor and 14-25 on threes against what had been an elite Knicks defense. Chandler Parsons broke the 30-point mark as well (31 on 18 shooting possessions). And Lin basically played even with Raymond Felton. Can we please get some more "Linsanity was fool's gold" columns now? This was fun.

Grizzlies 106, Lakers 98
I can't even be bothered to get too excited by Knicks schadenfreude because, Lordy, the Lakers lost again. After an embarrassing loss in Sacramento on Wednesday, L.A. lost to what legitimately looks like a better team, the scorching Grizzlies. L.A. never led after the first five minutes of the game; new coach Mike D'Antoni sat Pau Gasol for the entire fourth quarter, choosing to instead roll with Antawn Jamison. Yep, Antawn Jamison. Kobe Bryant had 30, but Memphis had all five starters in double figures and shot 50 percent as a team. Memphis is darned good, and L.A. ... they really aren't right now.

Celtics 108, Thunder 100
This is a big win for Boston, whose defense has struggled lately. The C's did a fine job on that end, holding OKC to 1.01 points per possession. Kevin Martin had the rare inefficient night (three points on 1-7 shooting) and the Thunder had too many turnovers (17). Paul Pierce got his licks in on Kevin Durant with 27 on 19 shooting possessions. Were it not for the Lakers, we'd be wondering out loud why the Thunder are only 9-4.

Nets 86, Clippers 76
No, there are not 1s missing in front of those numbers: the Nets and Clips, two excellent offensive and iffy defensive clubs, had themselves a clankfest. The Clippers shot just 40 percent from the floor and scored only 29 in the second half.

Spurs 104, Pacers 97
Indiana had a four-point lead with six minutes left, but the Spurs went on a 12-0 run and that was basically it. The Pacers shot 7-25 in the fourth and had 10 second half turnovers.

Nuggets 102, Warriors 91
Denver's defense is coming together -- the Warriors scored 21 or less in three of the four quarters, and shot just 5-21 in the critical third. Andre Iguodala, meanwhile, shot 11-16 on his way to 29 points.

Hawks 101, Bobcats 91
1. Al Horford is quite good. Whatever the Hawks lost in the lopsided Joe Johnson trade, they made up with Horford's return from injury. 2. The Bobcats still have a better record than the Lakers. It's almost December.

Magic 108, Cavaliers 104
Dion Waiters had 25 points, but the Magic shot 50 percent from the floor to get the win. J.J. Redick had 18-6 off the bench.

Suns 111, Hornets 108 (OT)
Ryan Anderson hit 8-13 from long-range, but the Suns survived in overtime thanks to a critical offensive rebound from ... P.J. Tucker (!), a name I haven't heard in at least three years. Markieff Morris was excellent with 23 points.

Pistons 91, Raptors 90
Another crushing loss for Toronto, you say? Brandon Knight had the game-winning layup with five seconds left. Kyle Lowry couldn't answer. Raptors Basketball, y'all.

Blazers 103, Timberwolves 95
Minnesota is 0-2 since Kevin Love returned. They should trade him for Aaron Brooks.

Jazz 104, Kings 102
This game. Man. The Kings were up 12 with six minutes left, but went into a prevent offense, saw DeMarcus Cousins commit two wonderful backcourt fouls to get the Jazz to the line, made some bad turnovers (including a shot clock violation) and, on what could have been the clinching play, ran an Aaron Brooks isolation that resulted in a clean strip by Jamaal Tinsley. It gets better: Gordon Hayward sank a jumper to give the Jazz a lead with four seconds left. No King on the court knew the team had no timeouts, and there was apparently no play in place to answer back. So James Johnson dribble the length of the floor to fire up a full-sprint floater from the foul line. You'll be unsurprised to learn it did not go down.

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