NBA scores: Lakers fall deeper into despair, Heat crush Nets

Russ Isabella-US PRESSWIRE

The angels sung, the unicorns frolicked and the Lakers moved to 1-4. That result and the rest of the NBA scores ... right here.

We had 13 games on Wednesday, which means LIGHTNING! ROUND!

Jazz 95, Lakers 86
The Lakers are not just last place in the Pacific Division (behind the Kings and Suns), they are last place in the entire Western Conference. The Hornets scored 62 points last night, and the Hornets have twice as many wins as the Lakers.

Sixers 77, Hornets 62
Let's just get this one out of the way, because WOOF. When Al-Farouq Aminu is your leading scorer and you aren't competing in the FIBA Africa Championship, you are in trouble. (Aminu had 10, by the way. Only Hornet in double digits.)

Clippers 106, Spurs 84
DeAndre Jordan was darned good and, for a moment, a little confused.

Nuggets 93, Rockets 87
Ty Lawson seeks and receives justice. 21 points and eight assists. James Harden scored 15 on 18 shooting possessions.

Heat 103, Nets 73
The Brooklyn attitude apparently does not extend to road games.

Grizzlies 108, Bucks 90
Memphis has quietly looked like the West's second-best team to this point. Remember: they were without Zach Randolph for much of the 2011-12 regular season ... and still ended up with the No. 4 seed.

Hawks 89, Pacers 86
Do the Pacers missed Danny Granger? Scoring nine points in the fourth quarter would indicate so.

Warriors 106, Cavaliers 96
An epic battle between Kyrie Irving and Stephen Curry ensued. I really like watching these kids play.

Celtics 100, Wizards 94 (OT)
The game that ended any hope of Kevin Garnett landing a Comcast sponsorship deal.

Mavericks 109, Raptors 104
Without Dirk Nowitzki and Shawn Marion, it's all about survival for Dallas.

Timberwolves 90, Magic 75
Big Baby Davis Watch 2012: four points on 2-9 shooting, only 19 minutes of burn. #freebigbaby

Kings 105, Pistons 103
Sacramento lost three close games to start the season (including a 2-OTer), and has now won two straight with a combined margin for four points. I'm going to be dead by Christmas.

Suns 117, Bobcats 110
I, for one, am stunned Charlotte found a way to score 110 points in a regulation game. Kudos to the Phoenix defense for making it happen.

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