Metta World drops the 'Peace' in exclusive video interview from bed

Just when you think you've heard the last from Metta World Peace (as if that's even possible), he does a 15-minute Skype interview shirtless from his bed in which he talks about the progression of his music career and how that relates to his name changing ways. He brushes aside some Lakers talk and he delves right into poodle butts wagging in milk and keeping with the dairy theme, eating whipped cream off his own body.

As if you needed more reason to love ... this guy. Here's a snippet from the interview. It's hardly the best part but it is, perhaps, the most news-worthy.

"I started to music when I was about 19-years-old. Most people that do music, they get training or they develop themselves before they let their music out."

Those crazy people getting "training"!

"For myself, I was actually developing myself and putting my music out at the same time."

With great money, comes great ability to publish music before you've developed yourself.

"So I got a lot of bad reviews early in my career."

Haters gonna hate, yo.

"But now you fast forward 14 years later and I'm a little bit more polished."

A little bit? Stop being modest, Metta! You are the Pledge Polish of the rap game.

"That's why I changed my name from Ron Artest to Metta World when I'm doing music because it's a whole different sound and I just want to cater to the people who like my music."

Damn straight!

Wait, what did he just say?

[note, after going on to explain how these music videos don't interfere with his basketball career, interviewer Serena Winters from Lakers Nation goes back to the real important question and asks about this name change thing]

"Metta World Peace had a different meaning, " said Metta World Peace, shirtless in a hotel bed. "but my music name now is just Metta World because..."

Yes, please do go on.

"...(because) when I came out as Ron Artest it was more in my development stages and now as Metta World I'm just like showing the polished musician and artist."


Yeah, anyway. This is really fantastic stuff and in closing Ron Artest / Metta World Peace / Metta World goes on to explain how the image of little poodles wagging their butts in cereal bowls full of milk makes him happy.

He also, as if this should surprise you, talks about his preference for "1880s and 1900s" music and dishes on his teammates' rap abilities.

Obviously, he signs off by saying how sexy he feels and suggests that he might just have to eat whipped cream of his own body. Unfortunately, that act of self whipped cream pleasure did not get recorded. Maybe next time.

Did I mention he did this entire interview shirtless in bed? Huge props to (SB Nation partner) Lakers Nation Serena Winters for a fantastic job conducting this masterpiece!

And now, we give you Metta World's latest music video, "Represented." It's SOOOOO POLISHED!!!

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