Memo: Here Is Every Remaining Jeremy Lin Pun

MEMO: To all journalists

RE: Jeremy Lin puns

Please take advantage of the remaining Jeremy Lin puns for usage in headlines, stories and blog posts. They are the only ones left.

Linternational House of Fancakes [lowbrow cake fat breakfast LIN]

LINternational Hate Line [anti-hater rhetorical geographical LIN]

LINcompetent [off night hater term LIN]

PenicilLIN [weekend in Ibiza LIN]

BackpedaLINg [hesistant LIN]

BeastLINess [primal alpha male LIN]

BloodcurdLINg [Spectral Halloween LIN]

BoondoggLINg [public works project millions over budget LIN]

RumbLIN BumbLIN StumbLIN [Berman kill me cliche time LIN]

CLINcher [NY Post Future HeadLINe LIN]

MeLINoma [skin cancer awareness LIN]

Bo PeLINi [stroked out rageface Nebraska coach LIN]

Carolus LINnaeus [father of taxonomy LIN]

LINdependence Day [Bill Pullman Alien Slayer LIN]

DiscipLINe and Punish [Foucault LIN]

Ugly DuckLIN [misleading childhood story LIN]

LINsane In the Membrane [90s stoner rap LIN]

RolLIN in the Deep [obsessive ex-girlfriend LIN]

Roast Duck with FingerLINg Brotatoes [farm-to-table bro LIN]

FeLINiesque [Curvy ladies yelling at Marcello Mastroianni in skinny tie LIN]

FLINtlock Rifle [Appalachian standoff LIN]

GunsLINger! [Favre LIN]

FreebalLIN' [Underwear opponent LIN]

KilLIN' In the Name Of [dorm room marxist LIN]

KremLIN calLIN'! [Signs With Nets LIN]

LandLINe [Old people AOL service LIN]

LINzer Torte [Fancy jam cookie LIN]

Wichita LINeman [Glenn Campbell/Jimmy Webb LIN]

LINgua BANKua [big contract talks LIN]

LINdiana Motor Speedway [lactose-tolerant Indy Car Lin]

LINdsay Brohan [degenerate wastoid glamwhore-period LIN]

LogrolLIN' [beardy lumberjack LIN]

MandoLIN Rain [Bruce Hornsby proto-chillwave LIN]

MascuLIN/Feminin [Godard snob LIN]

PaLINdrome [Able Was I Ere I Saw Elba LIN]

PolLINation [Springtime Flower Sex LIN]

PopLIN [Underappreciated Textile LIN]

QuisLINg [Paranoid Political Rhetoric LIN]

RambLINg [Railway Hobo Troubadour With Floppy Hat LIN]

RassLIN' [Jericholic LIN]

Izzy StradLIN [Old Rhythm Rock Guitarist LIN]

SLINky [Toy Broken Two Hours After Purchase LIN]

StuntLIN Like My Daddy [short tattooed Drake-enabling NOLA rapper LIN]

Master SpLINter [Racist-Ass Cartoon Rat LIN]

Military-LINdustrial Complex [Noam Chomsky-type LIN]

SwashbuckLIN' [Piratical LIN]

The Legend of Zelda: LINk's Awakeneing [Epic 8-Bit Elf Saga LIN]

TasseLIN' [Western Wear Jacket LIN]

TortelLINi [sexy pasta LIN]

Alan TrammelLIN [old Detroit shortstop LIN]

WhaLINg Boat Protest [Greenpeace Japanese fisherman haters video LIN]

The YearLIN [Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings rustic Florida LIN]

Led ZeppeLIN [old bro rock LIN]

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