Marcus Camby Vs. Kevin Seraphin: Quotes > Fight

WASHINGTON — There aren't too many *real* fights in the NBA anymore. Magic center Daniel Orton put it best: it's just too expensive to fight now because of how seriously the league is about handing out fines to curb bad behavior.

But Marcus Camby still managed to shove Kevin Seraphin to the floor last night at the Verizon Center after the pair got tangled up fight for rebounding position. The Blazers center was assessed a flagrant 2 foul and ejected from the game, while Seraphin -- who got up and shoved Camby back -- received a technical foul.

Really, the scuffle was pretty tame, but the quotes from each party after the game were awesome. (Video after the jump, too).

Here are the notable quotables from SB Nation DC (emphasis mine):

Camby was in a foul mood to begin with, a result of the Blazers' underacheiving that reached its nadir the night before in a pitiful loss to the Celtics (in which Portland scored 30 points at halftime). But he's also just down to scrap.

"Lot of frustration of losing, and the fact that I felt he had his forearm on my throat so I was just trying to get some space between me and him."

"That wasn't the intention. I hate coming out of the ballgames and being forced to get ejected. ... I felt embarrassed, me being the captain I wanted to be out there for my team in the second half."

"I always said growing up I wish the NBA was like hockey, you know, and let two guys go out there and fight. It would eliminate a lot of the tough guys you think are tough guys in the NBA."

As for Seraphin, he didn't really get it.

"I don't really know why he got mad because I just boxed him out, you know? Then he just pushed me like that and I can't let people push me like that. ... I stood up to tell him what's up."

"Maybe he tried to punk somebody. But if he wanted to punk somebody, that was not here. That was not in Washington."

So basically, Cool Runnings style.

For more on the Wizards, head to SB Nation DC and our Wizards blog, Bullets Forever. For more on the Blazers, check out Blazer's Edge.

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