NBA Trade Rumor Roundup: Orlando Magic Want Quite A Bit For Dwight Howard

The NBA trade rumors are still revolving around Dwight Howard and the Orlando Magic with less than a week left until the trade deadline, which is surprising on a couple of fronts. The fact that an entirely different rumor can pop up every day is simply astounding, but when compounded with the rumors that Howard might not even be traded, this could all be an exercise in futility.

Regardless, the final trade rumor roundup before the weekend begins comes with another report from CBS Sports scribe Ken Berger. When Berger digs into something, he gets great details ... and when he dug into the Dwight Howard trade rumors, Berger found out exactly what the Magic are hoping to receive in return for a superstar at the beginning of his prime.

Magic executives have continued to tell teams this week they do not intend to trade Dwight Howard, but several teams came away from the conversations with a clear picture of what the club wants if it changes course: a replica of the deal Denver pulled off last February for Carmelo Anthony, multiple league sources told Thursday.

What Orlando is seeking if it makes a deal for the All-Star center is a package similar to what the Nuggets received for Anthony at the 2011 trade deadline: multiple good, young players and draft picks. Orlando executives view the Denver model as a middle ground between blowing up a contender and starting over with draft picks and reaching for veteran All-Stars whose contracts ultimately could hinder the recovery from a Howard trade.

The Nuggets are currently 22-18 this season even though a couple of the key pieces they received in return for Anthony -- Danilo Gallinari and Wilson Chandler -- have missed the majority (or all, in the case of the returning from China Chandler) of the season. It makes sense then that the Magic would like to get solid pieces back while not blowing up their core considering how good Denver could be at full strength, huh?

In other news involving Howard, since the trade deadline apparently revolves around him, the Magic have been pursuing a couple of other deals that weren't met with positivity on the other end of the phone.

The Magic apparently talked to the Oklahoma City Thunder about a deal that would net them Serge Ibaka and James Harden, according to Brian Schmitz, but OKC declined the rental opportunity. Howard paired with Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook would have been amazing though.

A different opportunity is brought up in the Berger column, too, which will transition us nicely to the remainder of the trade rumors.

But a more serious contender could emerge in the coming days: the Hawks, who are dealing with disgruntled should-be All-Star Josh Smith's own reported trade request. Smith and Al Horford would represent a coup for the Magic considering the alternative of losing Howard for nothing, and Atlanta is Howard's hometown, where he attended Southwest Atlanta Christian Academy. Even with the potential of getting - and keeping - a player of Howard's popularity and impact, questions remain about whether the Atlanta ownership group would be able to afford two max players going forward. Joe Johnson is owed $90 million over the next four years.

As friend of SB Nation Jay-Z might say, I'm on to the next one (and all of the rest of them, too):

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