Net Cords: NBA Playoffs Start, Reactions Mixed

The 2012 NBA Playoffs are underway, and with just eight games in the books, there's no shortage of story lines to explore. When it comes to things like blown leads and devastating injuries, it's always a good idea to check out what the locals are saying.

Here's a look at some of the big playoff stories from a few of our SB Nation NBA sites.

The loss of Derrick Rose was a gut-punch to the entire league. Here's how our Bulls blogger reacted to the decision to leave him in the game.

Derrick Rose out for the season: immediate pain, long-term fallout - Blog a Bull
After the game Thibodeau defended himself by basically saying that these things can happen. And that's true. But such questions aren't about this one, completely devastating, injury. It's a season-long philosophy of taking unnecessary risks in games well in hand. If you're of the mindset that Thibs can't receive some blame for this, then you're basically saying you wouldn't fault a coach for playing any player as much as possible, as 'injuries happen'.

The Knicks got flattened in their first playoff game, here's what Posting and Toasting has to say about the loss to the Heat:

Well, there's still a series to play. - Posting and Toasting
The sheer devastation of yesterday's loss made it feel kind of like a sweep-- a single-game throttling so vigorous that the rest of the games ought to just be mercifully canceled. If this was ping-pong, the skunk rule may have been invoked for the whole series. Hell, the Iman Shumpert injury made me wish the Knicks just hadn't made the postseason at all.

And of course, it's always fun to look at both sides of something like a big fourth quarter collapse / comeback.

Game 1: Clippers 99, Grizzlies 98 — Total Collapse - Straight Outta Vancouver
We’ve seen this script before. This year’s last-second wins against the Nuggets and Warriors were the model for last night’s horrific collapse and gut-punch loss to the Los Angeles Clippers in Game 1 of the first round... There was no one to save the Grizzlies last night. Everything fell apart.

Clippers 99, Grizzlies 98 -- L.A. Comes Back from 27 Down to Steal Game 1 - Clips Nation
Comebacks don't get bigger or more exciting than the one the Los Angeles Clippers pulled off against the Memphis Grizzlies in Game 1 of their opening round playoff series

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