April 4, 2012; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard Kobe Bryant (24) controls the ball against the Los Angeles Clippers during the first half at Staples Center. Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-US PRESSWIRE

Lakers Vs. Clippers: Kobe Bryant's Squad Hangs On For 113-108 Win

Blake Griffin put on a show on Wednesday night, but the Los Angeles Lakers got the last laugh with a 113-108 win.

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Lakers Vs. Clippers Final Score: Everyone Is Awesome, Kobe Bryant Is The Best In 113-108 Win

Both the Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers played a minimal amount of defense Wednesday night, allowing each other to put up absolutely gaudy stat lines. Of the 10 starters on the two teams, only Metta World Peace failed to score in double figures. Andrew Bynum led all scorers with 36 points while Chris Paul posted a double-double, but Kobe Bryant stole the show in the Lakers' 113-108 win.

At one point, the Lakers led by 15 in the second half, but the Clippers cut the lead to 11 going into the fourth quarter. They continued to cut into the lead in the fourth and eventually took their first lead of the game with 3:30 remaining, when DeAndre Jordan scored to make it 104-103 in favor of the Clippers. It would be nearly three minutes before the Clippers made another field goal.

On the Lakers' next possession, Bryant made a tough contested jumper to restore his team's lead. On the next trip down the floor for the Clippers, World Peace was matched up one-on-one with Paul on the perimeter and made an impressive steal, which led to Bynum eventually being fouled and making one of two free throws. The Clippers committed a turnover on their next possession, which was followed by an impressive driving layup by Ramon Sessions to extend the Lakers' lead to four points.

Chris Paul answered with a basket of his own just five seconds later, but he would be upstaged. Bryant restored the Lakers' lead to four points with 24 seconds remaining, hitting a fantastic contested jumper that was effectively the dagger in the Clippers' comeback hopes.

The Lakers are now 2-1 against the Clippers this season and lead them by 2 1/2 games for third place in the Western Conference playoff race.

For more on the two teams, head over to Los Angeles Lakers blog Silver Screen and Roll and Los Angeles Clippers blog Clips Nation.


ANIMATED: Kobe Bryant Does The Airplane

What's the best way to celebrate a clutch shot that may prove to be a dagger against the rival you share a home court with? For Kobe Bryant, the only answer is "The Airplane."


And that's pretty much the perfect celebration.


ANIMATED: Lakers Fan Reacts To Blake Griffin's Dunk

OK, two more GIFs of Blake Griffin's second dunk. They're too good to pass up, and the angle is just right to catch the most perfect reaction in the crowd. We've seen the dunk from a normal angle, slowed down to show the carnage. We've seen Andrew Bynum's reaction, which was priceless as priceless can be. But there's a better reaction in the crowd.

Watch the fan in the pink shirt as Gasol gets banged on.


The way he grabs his head in shock, mouth agape; the young fan behind him yelling; Pau Gasol falling to the floor; And World Peace coming into frame as everything collapses around him. Everything is just wonderful.

And, again:


This shot shows the one Clippers fan near the court on the right side jumping up as Bynum gives that "OH NO NO NO" look. You could watch this all day -- we all could watch this all day.

Check out the SB Nation Channel on YouTube


Lakers Vs. Clippers Score: Kobe Bryant Dominant, Lakers Lead At Halftime

The Los Angeles Clippers appear to have absolutely no interest in playing defense. This is happening on a night where Kobe Bryant and Andrew Bynum are both on fire, while Chris Paul has been average by his lofty standards. The preceding two sentences make Wednesday night's game between the Clippers and Los Angeles Lakers sound like a blowout but, thanks to a miracle or eight, the Lakers lead only 63-55 at halftime.

That miracle or eight is Caron Butler's 23-point, 8-of-13 shooting performance thus far for the Clippers. He's been absolutely out of his mind so far. Paul has only seven points, but he does have eight assists. Blake Griffin has been mostly ineffective, but he did have this dunk, so we'll let him off the hook.


Kobe Bryant has 18 points and five assists, while Bynum -- the guy who just sprained his ankle and got fined for skipping a meeting with Mitch Kupchak -- has 17 points and six rebounds. Remember the time DeAndre Jordan got $43 million because of his defense? Yeah, about that.

For more on the two teams, head over to Los Angeles Lakers blog Silver Screen and Roll and Los Angeles Clippers blog Clips Nation.


Lakers Vs. Clippers: Battle Of L.A. Important In NBA Playoff Race For First Time In A Long Time

Chris Paul and Blake Griffin will attempt to defend their home court against Kobe Bryant and the Lakers in the Battle of LA. In a fun turn of events, the late-season meeting actually means something as far as NBA playoff implications are concerned.

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