Metta World Peace Won't Shake James Harden's Hand

It's generally a good idea to be nice to people who you have elbowed in the temple with all of your strength. But then again, Metta World Peace/Ron Artest has never really been once for good ideas, right?

"I don't shake substitutes' hands," World Peace said.

However, he's very good at saying things: (I would provide context for this quote, but, um, I'm just so confused.)

"That's not my concern," World Peace said. "That's their concern. Freedom of America, freedom of speech, freedom to really do what you want to do. That's why it's a great country."

World Peace's 15 points and typical defensive tenacity was a key factor in Los Angeles' Game 7 win over Denver in his first game since sitting out seven games after James Harden in the head. Now that he's matched up against Harden and the Oklahoma City Thunder, people were wondering whether he'd maybe shake Harden's hand or something. But no, Harden comes off the bench - in fact, he just won an award for being the best person at coming off the bench! - and therefore, he isn't worthy of having his hand shaken.

World Peace has more thoughts on Oklahoma City's hand-shaking policies:

"I shake everybody's hand before the game, but Oklahoma City, they don't shake hands," World Peace said. "Only some of them, but I don't think they really shake hands before the game. Kendrick Perkins and now (Russell) Westbrook don't shake hands either. (Russell) used to shake hands, but now he don't shake hands anymore."

He apparently has been unable to shake hands with Perkins since the 2010 Finals where the Artist Formerly Known as Artest played against Perkins' Celtics.

"I used to go and shake hands," World Peace said. "I've been playing against Kendrick forever. Kendrick, he'll never shake your hand so I'd have to go and find Kendrick and shake his hand. In Boston, every game I'd have to go to him and say, 'Hey,' and then tap him on the butt. He don't touch my hand. But, I'm getting tired of making that walk."

This is obviously all just dumb pre-game rhetoric, but it is the dumbest of all pre-game rhetorics.

For more on the Lakers, visit Silver Screen And Roll and SB Nation Los Angeles. For more on the Thunder, visit Welcome To Loud City.

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