NBA Playoffs 2012 Scores And More: Spurs, Pacers Suck Life Out Of Foes, Grizzlies Steal Everything

The 2012 NBA Playoffs ran out another three games on Wednesday, and as is often the case in the first round, two of them weren't at all interesting competitively.

Spurs 114, Jazz 83
San Antonio leads 2-0
This game was over before six minutes elapsed in the first quarter as the Spurs peeled off a 15-2 run to get the score to 17-4. We've seen plenty of wild comebacks this year, including Game 1 of Clippers-Grizzlies. But the Spurs never emit the sense that they will be falling victim to one of those. And the Jazz certainly didn't show an ability to scare a housefly in Game 2.

Utah did pull back within five in the second quarter, but San Antonio responded with a 20-0 run (!) to put it away (again). A 13-2 Spurs run just after halftime embarrassed the Jazz even further. From the middle of the second to the middle of the third, San Antonio outscored Utah 37-9. It was just brutal.

The best part about wins like this for the Spurs: it allows Gregg Popovich to rest everyone. No Spur played 30 minutes; Manu Ginobili didn't even have to play 20 minutes. He's played about 40 minutes in the entire series so far. San Antonio isn't just crushing the Jazz. They're also preparing for the next round. It's something to behold.

Pacers 97, Magic 74
Indiana leads 2-1
An exciting night of basketball, no?! The Pacers did damage in the third quarter, winning the period 32-17 to create their margin and the opportunity for garbage time. Roy Hibbert was a menace in the third, with 12 points, five rebounds and two blocks as Indiana took over the glass, the paint ... pretty much everything. Interestingly enough, the Pacers' starters had a really strong first quarter on offense, as well, shooting 10-16. But they also committed five turnovers and didn't registered a single offensive rebound on those six misses in the first. In the third, they hit a ton of shots (12-23), rebounding seven of their 11 misses, and only committed two turnovers. That led to an offensive efficiency in the third of 145, which is phenomenal. They scored almost a point and a half per possession.

The Magic got mileage out of Glen Davis, who happy danced all over David West to the tune of 22 points. J.J. Redick also shot well, but otherwise Orlando was toast on offense and helpless on defense. This was the sort of domination many of us expected from the tip of the series; for Indiana, it's better late than never.

Grizzlies 105, Clippers 98
Series tied 1-1
We'll be writing more on this game on Thursday, but just note that the Clippers lost despite out-shooting the Grizzlies 56 percent to 48 percent. Those 20 turnovers that L.A. coughed up -- 13 of which were registered as Memphis steals -- were one heck of an equalizer. The glasswork by the Grizzlies should also be commended -- Memphis had 16 offensive boards in 40 opportunities (five from Zach Randolph), while the Clips managed just four in 25 opportunities.

This series goes to L.A. as tight as can be. At least one of these series is competitive.

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